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March 08, 2015
Everyone who reads my blogs, know I enjoy blogging about positive quotes, stories that are upbuilding, and WA funnies. These are great for everyday upbuilding, enjoyable, and heart warming. Blogs can have a profound and positive influence in someone's life. Maybe not at that moment, maybe not in yours, but they can and do on occasion help to make a person feel little better or think a little differently. Lately, though I've been reading a lot of of blogs, comments, and posts where people co
March 05, 2015
Okay, here is the next set! Enjoy! When all your children and pets are all named Carson, Kyle, and Jaxxy. - Moz When there are so many signs you stop numbering them. - Gappleby When you find yourself replying to a 1:18 AM post at 2:01 AM. - Gappleby When you post multiple symptoms because one isn't enough. Gappleby When your eyes are closing, your mind is shutting down, and you can't type, but you keep posting, anyway. - Lindon When you have 4 hours for yo
March 04, 2015
Once lived two farmers, brothers in fact, who lived side by side. They had a great relationship until one day they got into a major argument and the two of them stopped speaking. The disagreement grew more intense when the younger brother decided to build a creek to separate their two farms. The older brother decided to build a fence so he would no longer have to look at his brothers property. He hired a carpenter, purchased the materials, and went off thinking: "Ha! This will teach him
Always pray for eyes that see the best in people, a heart that forgives the worst, and a soul that doesn't lose faith. If the ship you want isn't coming into your port - swim out to it!
Love like you have never been "unfriended". Lead like you've never been "unfollowed". Sing like no one else is "recording". Laugh from the deepest part of your soul. Dance like it won't end up on "utube".
March 02, 2015
It's been a busy week! But I made some progress after all! I passed LOMA 281 and am now working on LOMA 291. I have to take an intensive review course for CPCU 520 because I'm not understand the formulas. But that okay. I signed up for CPCU 555. I started my College courses today. I completed all my 1st weeks assignments in one class and have most of my second classes assignments done. I'm concerned I didn't understand the discussion because my content was so much more than the others' who ha
February 28, 2015
Sorry this was late. My computer went down. Enjoy! When you close your eyes and you see comments scrolling down on the back of your lids. When you wake up with knot on your forehead from the tablet slipping out of your hands because you fell asleep in live chat. When you drive by a billboard and swear it says "WA" this way. When you drive by a billboard and see your sites and links on it. -VictorMei When everything you do on your devices is to get ideas. - Chris2005 When
February 25, 2015
Never be afraid of what you don't know how to do. Remember an amateur built Noah's ark and professionals built the Titanic! Enough said, you get the point! Let's start a discussion.... What are your thoughts?
Some days, I sure do, then I remember this story: A poor elderly widow lived outside of town. Her only source of water was a stream that flowed nearby. Each day she would make two trips to the stream to get water for she had only two pitchers and one was cracked. Whenever she got home, the cracked pitcher was always less than 1/2 full. One day her granddaughter came to visit. The grand daughter saw the broken pitcher and asked her why she did not discard it. Her grandmother smiled and
February 23, 2015
If I have the belief that I can do it, I will surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning. - Ghandi Believing in yourself is the beginning of success. We joined WA with the intent to learn how to build a website, make money, and succeed - Really, in the beginning we start knowing nothing about affiliate marketing. Each day, we learn, and we grow. As long as we continue to believe in ourselves and do not give up, we will succeed!