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Last Update: March 08, 2015

Everyone who reads my blogs, know I enjoy blogging about positive quotes, stories that are upbuilding, and WA funnies. These are great for everyday upbuilding, enjoyable, and heart warming. Blogs can have a profound and positive influence in someone's life. Maybe not at that moment, maybe not in yours, but they can and do on occasion help to make a person feel little better or think a little differently.

Lately, though I've been reading a lot of of blogs, comments, and posts where people complain about poor spelling, grammar, wording, ads, scam, and spam. There have been concern expressed about brief posts or comments that were not useful, and individuals feeling like their work and efforts went unappreciated. All efforts are appreciated! Some have more experience than others - remember every effort deserves kudos!

I have seen questions with so little information, the reader is not really sure what the question is, so how can they help? A dialog needs to start. - It goes both ways. There is frustration on both sides - and people respond in a manner that could easily be perceived as lashing out. - Be patient with one another.

And there will always be ones who think so internally, that every comment is a hint, an insult, a reflection on them (in some obscure way) or are offended because the blogger expressed a viewpoint they disagreed with. -

Then the WHOLE community must absolutely know "how they were made to feel a particular way because...." And then there are comments about "Having to set (someone) straight"- that's really sad.

So to these I say:

1. No one can make you feel inferior unless you give them permission to do so. Don't give someone else that power - Be strong.

2. No one can change the way you feel - only you can change the way you feel. Empower yourself to love yourself, too!

3. The one who yells the loudest and longest is usually the one in the wrong. It's better to close your mouth and look stupid than to open it and prove it.

4. Everyone has an opinion - be respectful. Agree to disagree.

5. Do not allow someone else's problem to becomes your problem. Doesn't each of us have enough on our plate?

If you receive a PM from from someone saying "Hey, I think you'll love my blog...go to my website..." If you don't like these Messages in your mailbox, just ask them to post it in "Share Your Beautiful Content" -That's why it's there! Most people are very respectful about this and stop. So what you may have considered to be "spam" was most likely unintentional. Don't allow yourself to make an issue of a non-issue. Let it go!

Some people tend to lean toward a "Don Rickles" form of comedic sarcasm - Mr. Rickles often used insult sarcasm in his comedies and movies. In reality he is a very nice gentleman. He has been married for 50 years now, to his wife Barbara. I can assure you, if he treated her that way, the marriage probably would not have lasted 50 days!

Do we allow someone's perceived sarcasm to affect us so negatively, that we lower ourselves by attacking them? Or do we express loving tolerance for their uniqueness? Perhaps they just don't communicate well in text. Why imply a negative connotation, where none may exist? Perhaps more understanding is needed.

The reality is sarcasm is a natural defense - it's a wall put in place so that a person can't be hurt by others. Being online can put a person in a very vulnerable position and their wall protects them.

Have you seen the Blue tool icon in your PM mailbox? and the Action button on the bottom right of the comment box? I've come to love those "block user" and "delete comment" drop down radio buttons. Only had to use them once each, but they made my on-line life so much better.

If you find yourself being harassed, know It's okay to use them!

Just because no one ever said "Post no evil" - Doesn't mean it's okay.

Use your gift to communicate the best possible message.

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lillakiara Premium
Great post, I love it! Some unfortunately have a tendency to interpret things as negatively as they possibly can and it is so sad. It makes me wonder what has happened to them in the past to give them such a sad outlook on life.
There is so many ways to help people with their spelling and grammar issues (if that feels necessary) without being hurtful, and not every difference in opinion is an attack.
Thanks for posting! Kristina
MsDebbie Premium
I am very glad you enjoyed it. It's from the heart
gadifi Premium
thanks for sharing this wisdom and information with us
MsDebbie Premium
You are welcome
skyhigh49 Premium
Thanks for this Debbie. Good post.
MsDebbie Premium
You are welcome.
446f6e Premium
Very well stated.
MsDebbie Premium
Thank you very much! Your comment is appreciate
WKnoepp Premium
Sheesh, where did you get those pictures of me when I was a little guy?
MsDebbie Premium
Mmmm. I thought you would have looked much cuter! :-)