Two years at wealthy affiliate anniversary today

Last Update: December 07, 2018

Just had a pop up on the wealthy affiliate platform reminding me its my 2 years anniversary here. So I guess I'll blog a little bit about it.

I remember I found this platform when I was at work on my smartphone, looking for ways to make money online. Next thing I knew I found Wealthy Affiliate through Lev's review post, and a few days later I was blogging, two years later I have 2 blogs. Doesn't feel like 2 years it went by really quick.

I currently have 246 posts on my bootcamp website and another 145 posts on my niche website. I have written a lot of content over the last 2 years, and I feel like I have become a more efficient writer.

Currently I'm on the Black Friday deal of $299 a year, which means I'm paying just under $25 a month to be here. I think it's worth it because the website hosting alone cost almost that much elsewhere, and you're getting unlimted training and access to the keyword tool which is important to rank your pages. So if you're new then I recommend you go for the yearly plan cause affiliate marketing is a long term game.

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Stella2 Premium
Congrats on 2 years, Kent!
That's a lot of content and effort. It should pay off nicely for you.
Every success to you in the years ahead!
Stella :-)
AlexEvans Premium
Hi Kent, congratulations, two years is a milestone best wishes for the coming year.

Sound advice recommending the yearly membership, it does give folks such good value.

Best wishes as you continue to build your content that is a body of work you have.
Fleeky Premium Plus
I love this sharing!
It shows endurance, commitment and growing success.
Thank you

JillAlexaVA Premium
Hi Kent, You have done so well in the two years you have been here. Gosh, I shall have to work hard to catch up.
Happy anniversary and so glad that you are still with us here on this amazing platform of learning, growing and gaining new friends.
Wishing you all the best,
Vickic3 Premium
Hi Kent
Happy anniversary to you and Hey, well done on the content writing- Great going and isn't it also a really good feeling when you become more proficient at writing.
I am getting into the rhythm of it now too and love this building buzz
Go well