Marketing Strategies The 3 Ingredients of a Successful Revolution don't include puppies and choccies

Last Update: January 19, 2019

When High Profile Players get it Wrong

Today I was bombed by puppies and chocolate by Team Mercola, Joe Mercola and his partner Erin who own two of the top trending websites in the health niche and one of the biggest supplement companies out there, along with many other ventures. The H1 was on the public finally awakening to the dangers of 5G which got my interest peeked so I went into the newsletter where I suddenly found myself bombarded with so many sales pitches and cutie pie videos taken randomly from facebook that I knew I was in the wrong place but who can resist a goose cuddling an allegedly abadoned puppy, of course I clicked...

Beyond Click Bait

... but then I got what they were really selling and I had to click this pop up out of the way to find the puppy and by now I'm feeling mugged because no way on earth would I have come in to read this or click David Jockers!

**Do puppies and kittens work? Yes, but sort of in the same way mugging does!**

The thing is, over this side of the pond one other big group known for selling with kitten images on social media is Isis luring teenage British women out to become Jihadi brides! And that's not really an association I'd have thought team Mercola would be aiming for! Especially when one of the taglines for keto is 'revolution'!

The 3 Ingredients of Any Revolution?

Puppies, Chocolate, Keto | Keto Revolution

Kittens, Chocolate, Jihadi Brides | Isis Revolution

*Pics courtesy of British Telegraph, Independent, Mirror

Oh she did deliver on the goose story so it goes beyond click bait in that regard, though the small print that followed showed she didn't really know the goose story details at all except it was a free resource she was manipulating to sell keto, and after she whacked me over the head with keto she gave us another two 'cute' videos and some product placement for her book and 'lead generator', it's suddenly not so cute though.

*I'm also trying to comprehend their claim to be unlike any other health site in not asking for a dime or donations when she's hit me with a billion affiliate links already AND told me go buy her CBD chocolate and hasn't even delivered on the H1 lead story yet.

Why ask for donations to publicize info and educate the public?

Where did the 5G story go - well that's where it got sort of weird again. Now I'm finally getting some nuggets of information, think panning for gold in the wild west movies where there was a whole lot of gravel and a tiny glint of gold left in those pans!

And now the living daylights is being scared out of me reading things like:

  • Elon Musk is set to launch the first 4,425 5G satellites in June 2019 and “blanket” the Earth with 5G, in breach of countless international treaties,and the CEOs of all the other companies, starting in just 20 weeks from now. Life on Earth needs your help now
  • It is designed to deliver concentrated and focused electromagnetic radiation in excess of 100 times current levels in the same way as do directed energy weapons.
  • Friends and acquaintances and their children in Vienna are already reporting the classic symptoms of EMR poisoning: nosebleeds, headaches, eye pains, chest pains, nausea, fatigue, vomiting, tinnitus, dizziness, flu-like symptoms, and cardiac pain. They also report a tight band around the head; pressure on the top of the head; short, stabbing pains around the body; and buzzing internal organs. Other biological effects such as tumours and dementia usually take longer to manifest, but in the case of 5G, which has never been tested for health or safety, who knows

If you google 5G you'll actually see it referred to as the '5G Revolution' at the top of the SERPs and they are trying to get peeps to sign a 5G space appeal

  • But where are the puppies and the chocolate now?
  • And why on earth ask for donations when we have an internet?!

Marketing Strategies Differ | Mastermind Groups vs Content Marketers

The mastermind groups use mostly paid for advertising, email lists, false sounding swipe copy, multi level expensive marketing groups that position them, they don't know how to rank naturally with content, SEO, organic, free traffic and the tools we use in here. In fact Erin's site had only 5k monthly visitors naturally last year despite being at it a number of years and having a celebrity boyfriend in Joe Mercola, until internal paid for politics positioned her via being invited to speak at every online health summit and skyrocketed her niche angle on doctor deaths, she's admitted that's the only thing has booster her traffic recently.

5k visitors a month inside WA with the tools and training, SEO and Content Marketing approach we have is actually a small number of visitors. Many sites I've seen over the years are hitting 40k unique monthly visitors, that's half a million unique visitors a year and many sites doing much more than that. Now THESE are the tools for a revolution!

The 20 week Traffic Challenge?

They say they have reached 30k people so far from 100 different countries - I'm not sure how long they have been at it but I think they've had a lot of time! - and they think they need money to reach many more...hmmmm...I don't think it's money they need, it's the right resources and training like here at WA. And they need to look in the right place, ie at content marketers / bloggers like us not Erin's email list with all it's link bombing and inward focus.

The power is with the bloggers who use Content Marketing, that's us folks!

I hadn't looked into 5G closely yet, anyone covering it in here? I do have a bunch of research on it if anyone is interested PM me.


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TeriCalhoun Premium
I know people on WA with great content and traffic whose audience only reads the content, but doesn’t buy. And I saw this one WA site where the advertising stood out on the page, but you had to get a magnifying glass to find the content. It reminded me of one of those $15 magazines that has more advertisements than articles.
MozMary Premium
those great content peeps could do with some tweaks to what they are selling and how to convert, those ads peeps yeah it's amazing that they work to some extent, I hate landing on those sites though!
TeriCalhoun Premium
any suggestions in general Mary?
MozMary Premium
best to be specific and take a look at the hot seats Jay does, make sure they are optimizing what's available to them and speaking to the right audienc too, also the direction of what they are saying...
TeriCalhoun Premium
Jay says so much, but I'll try to find it. Personally, my main goal on my website is to get people thinking about how what they eat can hurt or heal them, whether I make any money or not, but I noticed that on these magazine style websites the authors simply ask for the orders and too, I'm wondering if bootcamp strategies used by members to promote Wealthy Affiliate would be wise to apply to our own niche websites. Haven't gotten around to looking for affiliates yet because I don't think my niche website is ready for that yet, but just wondering.

Ever noticed that Dr. Oz, Mercola and Dr. Axe all talk about the same thing at about the same time? I'm glad we don't do that. I want to see something I don't know not something I already know.
MozMary Premium
my internet is on and off here and it looks like my reply to you got lost - but I was saying send me an article in a pm and I'll take a look at the issue

yes, very interesting observation that they all talk about the same thing at the same time, that's joint venture groups for ya but you put it very well :)

also very well put about wanting to see something we don't know not the same old same old, that plus insincere swipe copy, they really do treat us like idiots. In my last attempted reply I was also saying there is a lot of bloat on those big sites, copied from elsewhere but not copied well enough to be good quality or useful!
DebbieRose Premium
I'm not that schooled on 5G yet. But I am being underwhelmed by Jockeys Fasting new information.
MozMary Premium
lol I did not listen to him, I popped in to see were any familiar faces attending and saw he seems to be catching newbies...very sad anyone is getting caught. And now that Ty and Charlene of the TTAC are behind keto it's going to be very hard to promote any of them at all this year, they have completely lost the plot !
bill808 Premium
Your point that clickbait is widely used and you have to be careful to validate the accuracy of anything you see on the internet is well takent. All the examples you use are pure BS. If you want to know what 5G is and how it will affect your life, checkout this PC Magazine Article.
MozMary Premium
Do you refer to the examples given by Erin, because I said I did not research it yet

However in 2007 I was unable to use a cellphone - what G were they on then? 2G, 3G? The side of my head would get extremely painful and red, so your article there is saying 5G is a lot stronger and that it is not a comprehensive article

I had mitochondria issues and was very ill at the time, clearly there was radiation coming off and I was not strong enough at the time to handle it. So logically increase the strength and there will be increased problems for a lot of people - and that's even if it's just on a par with previous2G, 3G, 4G - which everyone out there is saying it is not, that it is a different technology.

As for Erin, she just copied the article from something presented at the UN, she has not got a tech head on her and does not go into details. I gave the examples she gave. I do have a tech head and don't mind doing the research, but you'd have to do better than the 'all your examples are bs' because that just gets into a slagging match with no meat

I appreciate any arguments that say 5G is safe if they can hold water - bearing in mind they are still saying RoundUp is safe and it just got banned in France this week as a for those who say it isn't they have to be accurate too, I spent that whole article showing you I don't believe most of what the Mercolas say, but if 5G is stronger and being rolled out in a way we can't escape then there's something to that
MozMary Premium
here is an engineer explaining the basic difference in 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G

5G is much stronger and a different technology

The questions we now have to ask are regarding the impact of that technology on humans and animals, and it's strength, and the 100% coverage of the planet.
lesabre Premium
My goodness Mary one heck of a post. Thank you for sharing.
MozMary Premium
Thanks for reading Michael, and thanks for the encouragement :)
Marley2016 Premium

You are such a fantastic writer you should cover it!
Seriously wow you manage to keep my attention
the whole way through this blog post just to see what
is coming next - good stuff girl ::))
Thanks for sharing,

MozMary Premium
wow thanks for the encouraging words Susan! I wasn't sure anyone would make it to the end :)

I think I'll have to cover it, need to know the truth about this, the wireless technology we have is already harmful to people with weak immune systems or mitochondrial issues, I was unable to use it for a number of years myself so any step up at all to something stronger does mean a segment of the population will suffer...and with those satellites in place no escape!

They've hit us with pesticides and cancers skyrocketed and they are just beginning to take RoundUp off the market here in some countries in Europe but not North America, so how can we trust them!?!
Marley2016 Premium
I know that Round Up thing is just now hitting here in the
US and wow I am not liking the things I am hearing not
that I used it that much but still any use at all could have
an effect on any of us :(
Someone needs to get the word out with the 5G really I
have a cell phone but only because it is cheaper than
having a home landline and being older taking it with me
for safety always a good idea.
Usage wise I only use in the event I really need to not a
telephone gossip LOL
MozMary Premium
in the US they use RoundUp as a dessicant on the wheat crop at harvesting time so it gets in any food that is not organic - and on other crops too, they are called 'RoundUp Ready', most people would be alarmed if they knew but they keep these things quiet!

I just recently started using android, had a real old nokia for emergencies since 2007, got this one as a gift or would just have replaced with another tiny nokia lol, I have to tether now with no landline so I'm going to find out the safest ways to do these things

apparently when carrying it we should have it in airplane mode, and I use the speaker when talking, I don't like talking on it much, they say we should get wired headsets for talking, mine nearly blew the ears off me !