How to Sell Your Website

Last Update: September 17, 2013

Ready to Sell Your Website?'ve already created a website, it is receiving traffic, and now you want to to know how to sell your website. There are a few things to consider before you take this step.

1) How much money is your website generating annually?
2) Will a buyer be able to easily take over the site?
3) What is the ranking of your website?

How much money is your website generating?

When you sell your website you can expect to receive about 3-5 times the annual revenue of your website. So if your website is earning you $200,000/yr for example, you can sell your website for about a million dollars, if it earns you $50,000/yr you can expect about $250,000, etc. Of course to be generating this much income your site must have a lot of traffic. Income from websites can come in many way, including advertising, selling of products, and affiliate programs.

Will a buyer be able to easily take over the site?

Will a buyer be able to take over the site as is, or will he have to buy the rights to certain software to be able to run the site properly? Will it cost him an added investment to be able to maintain or increase the revenue generated by the site? Also does the website need a lot of updating or is a system already in place so that it won't require much work? These things could definitely have an impact on how much money you can get.

Website Rankings

What are the rankings of your website on Google Analytics and

business statisticsThese statistics are very important when you are trying to sell your website. To receive a premium price for your website your rankings should be quite high. You should definitely invest the time to check out both of these sites and see which pages and keywords are ranking the best, and try to reach maximum ranking before you try to sell. Even a slight improvement in ranking could mean a significantly larger sale for you.

Website for sale

Once have completed all of the above and you are ready to list your website for sale...where can you go to do that? How much will it cost? There are a number of websites that off this service.

  • offers a standard listing of $9.95 for 90 days, or a premium listing of $29.95 for 90 days. They do not charge a commission on the sale.
  • offers a fee of $59.95 for established sites, and $39.95 for start-up sites. They do not charge commission on the sale.
  • charges $59 for a two week listing, or $99 for a two month listing (they throw in a 3rd month for free) .
  • will charge you just $29 to list your site, and a 5% commission on the sale, or $9 and 15% commission. It is probably the biggest marketplace right now for buying and selling websites.
  • There are also several forums where you can sell websites, such as,, and, but check on these early as some require that you are a member in good standing, or that you have a minimum number of posts throughout their boards.

I hope this information has helped you. If you have any questions please let me know and I will get right back to you.

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laurenjean Premium
Thanks Laura. Very helpful.
PricelessBoy Premium
this is excellent Laura, thank you very, very much
Michael326 Premium
good post. I have a question about this: before sell, how to estimate my site price?
bryonbrewer Premium
Also, I wouldn't put much stock into Alexa rankings, even though sites like Flippa still seem to pretend they are important.
bryonbrewer Premium
Flippa charges $29 per listing and 5% of sale, or $9 per listing (new site) plus 15% of sale. Flippa, and probably a few other sites, generally rate a website by monthly income over 3 months, rather than annual. You can expect 10 x monthly income or higher.
moneyblast Premium
Thank there a way to edit a blog? I was going to try yesterday and couldn't figure it out.
bryonbrewer Premium
yeah, click the blue cog at the top near the "affiliate link" button and you should have that option.