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Last Update: Jun 13, 2016


We are not born equal, it is like our fingers, not all of them equal but very effective when together.

We have our differences. Some are wealthier than others. Some are more powerful than others. Some are more handsome than others and so on.

Recently, I heard from a scholar who said, Everyone of us getting tested in our "short lives" here on this planet.

By short I literally mean, short. If I take an example of 75 years old man. He would spend 1/3 of his life sleeping (average 8 hours/day - 25 years), more than a third of his life working (25 years) and rest of 3rd (25 years) - eating, drinking, toilet, driving etc. Out of this last 25 years, what is the time for yourself - merely come down to 5-6 years.

If one is wealthier, he is tested for having more wealth. The question would be, how did he earn and how did he spend his wealth. If one is poor, he is tested for how can tolerate it but thankful at the same time.

We only have, what we give.

Live life to full and enjoy as much as you can but help others wherever you can.

"There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up."

It is great to make money but use it wisely.

"No one has ever become poor by giving."

Have a good day.

Recent Comments


We are all wealthy, one way or the other.

Good mindset

Great blog and so true.


What you are saying there is real life, it also reaches a point in life where you reflect and find nothing to please your soul, it is only fulfilling when you help someone.

Thanks Albina. Helping others is one aspect of pleasing your soul.

Well said, Mohammad

Thank you Tessa

Lovely, thought-provoking post, thank you :)

Thanks Jude

Hope Bill Gates reads this and will be generous enough to lift up my bank account a bit ;)

I should have CCed him :)

Mine too Loes!

Hats off to him, 28 billion dollar to charity so far.

I know Bill is a giving person, and it's not his fault we all like his inventions:))

Thank you very positive

Thank you Louise

Veey intersting. Makes one think about the importance of making wise choices about the way u spend ur time.

You are spot on. It is all about choices.

Beautiful. Thank you for sharing. David


I love the fingers analogy!

Thanks Michael

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