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Last Update: April 01, 2014

A hearty hello to anyone reading this post. Best wishes to each and everyone of you in achieving your goals, what ever they may be. I have been a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate just over three months and currently I find myself at the beginning of the affiliate boot camp training for the third time and yet I am happy with the progress I have made so far, with both the technical and educational aspects of the training. I attribute my progress to the excellent training program, the community nurturing and the free coaching so freely given by so many community members. Thanks everyone for all the great information and teaching.

This 61 year old green horn's computer skills are barely primary level, mastering the tools I need to use is a constant challenge for me, yet the self directed learning atmosphere here is designed so that I have the freedom to work at my own pace without any pressure and without being bombarded with up-sells every other day. I want to learn the system for myself, as I believe this will help me create posture so I will be able to help new members I will be signing up.

The educational information alone is invaluable. From my studies so far I have come to realize that It is indeed possible to create the life you want by using the leverage of the internet, I can say that freely because we all know it is backed up by solid facts. We have at our disposal a network of people from every corner of the globe that is connected to the world wide web. All willing, able and eager to not only learn but also to share and help others achieved their goals.

I feel that we are a community "strong" . From our leaders down to the most humble beginner, everyone has some good to share. Haven't you too run across a post by a fellow member one day that totally change your perspective on something and it got you out of that rut you were stuck in for a while? Sure you have. I can't say enough good about how this community has added so much value to my life over the past three months.

I'm not too worried that it (may) take me a few more months to have a functional website that is fit for the market place. I have decided to promote Wealthy Affiliate. December 1, 2014, is the deadline of my one year goal of referring 400 premium members. I may have to spend a few bucks on outsourcing to get me there, I may not accomplish it at all, or it could change drastically from the way I see it now. In any case it has been my experience that a worthy goal once defined and written out takes on a life of its own, more so if it is properly nurtured along, once I commit to the goal I have a responsibility to do everything in my power to achieve it, even though I have to let go of the final outcome.

Internet statistics now indicate it is the perfect time to be getting yourself "established" as a serious affiliate marketer. There will be a demand for experienced savvy marketer's that have healthy and happy marketing lists. Need I say more. After all money is probably the second most sought after commodity on the planet, time freedom may be the top one and with good reason. Look there is nothing wrong with wanting to add value to our life, it is only our inherent human drive at work when we seek to improve our quality of life. Maybe we just look at money the wrong way? All the success masters view money as a tool we use that helps us build the life we want. And why not. Putting the work in up front will save you tons of headaches in the long run. I look at it as putting together a business plan. My motto is If we don't take the time to do it right. Where will we find the time to do it over?

From my experience as an entrepreneur I would would rate Wealthy Affiliate as the best on line business educational platform available to anyone seeking bona fide information and training on the subject of creating an on line business. The first priority here at Wealthy Affiliate seems to be making sure their clients have a positive experience, this is reflected throughout the training and leadership.

Look if you can't find a way to make it here you may not make it somewhere else. My bet is that if you are really really serious about creating a successful online business and you do go somewhere else chances are you will end up back here again, because you won't find the same calibre of training and support anywhere else. You will only repeat the same mistakes too. The proof is in the training, that's where it all begins. I sincerely urge you to take the building of your on line business seriously.

I would like to share a story with you that I am currently working on, I explain what it is about below. I'm hoping you will indulge me.

A young man in my community that I am close to came to me for some advice early this week on money. I listened to him intently as he gave me his tale of woe around lack of money in his life. I recognized instantly that he had a negative mindset with money. I recognized it because I had only broken through that negative mindset around money myself not all that long ago.

I was able to be of moral support for him at the time, but I knew he desperately needed some kind opportunity that would improve his financial situation, even just a little, he was in a lot of emotional turmoil over his situation and being young and inexperienced he had no idea what option's he had available to him, in solving this problem. I was able to convince him to start thinking that things would get better. I told him I would help in what ever way I could and I would think about his situation for a while and if I had any ideas we could get together in a few days and brainstorm. Any way what transpired out of that situation by week end is another story in itself and a very interesting one related to money. So if any of you would like to hear the rest of the story perhaps you would be kind enough to mention it when you reply to this one. It is an interesting story with a positive outcome.

Sincerely Mike

p.s. Thanks again for the help and the encouragement I recieve from this wonderful , helpfull community.

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Trialynn Premium
Very well expressed, with a wonderful attitude!
Scorpio15 Premium
Great words and I totally agree that WA is the best place to receive a sound platform in website training.
softwind Premium
What a wonderful and thoughtful post Mike! You have come to terms with what a lot of us boomers are facing! Money is a tool and should always be treated as such. I love the fact that you are helping a younger version of perhaps yourself. I would love to know the story and I thank you for making the offer. You can PM it to me if you like.
What a great mindset you have created not only for yourself but for anyone willing to really read and absorb your words. Thank you.
mrsljc0909 Premium
Great stuff Mike! You seem very open to learning and taking in the whole process. I appreciate your honesty, and the fact that you are willing to help and mentor others. Life is a constant struggle, but we are all in this together. I would love to hear the story of "what transpired" with your friend. I look forward to hearing it. Thanks again for the uplifting story.
webBIZ44 Premium
Awesome post Mike! I like that you are the kind of guy a younger man would come to for advice! That says a lot about who you are! I totally agree with you on the money concept. Most people have what is termed "cognitive dissonance" when it comes to money! I, like you, have learned that money is literally nothing more than a tool and if we educate ourselves to use that tool we can become very skilled craftsman!