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After four months as a premium member I am close to the end of Affiliate Bootcamp, course one. It has been a valuable educational period for me. I feel more confident about achieving my goals today than when I first arrived here. I wanted to stop by today and say a quick thank you, for helping make my experience at Wealthy Affiliate a positive so far. Here are a few things I want to express my gratitude for: Thank you for the self directed learning environment, where a greenhorn newbie like me
Following up from last week's blog of the same title except part one, I want to share a bit of how this week has proved to be a challenging one. I introduced a story in last week's blog post that I was helping a young man in my community understand the value of money and how he could go about getting more of it. the link to last week's post in case you missed it. My week was challenging in that I added more work time to
Daily goal journalling is a valuable tool I discovered a short time ago, I have been using it to my advantage to cultivate my personal strength's and excel more in all areas of my life. Goal's are very important. Goal journalling has become such a valuable tool in my personal development journey and has reaped so many benefits in my life so far, I just felt I had to share some information on it with you again today. Lately I noticed a lot of goal talk within the community that lead's me to per
A hearty hello to anyone reading this post. Best wishes to each and everyone of you in achieving your goals, what ever they may be. I have been a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate just over three months and currently I find myself at the beginning of the affiliate boot camp training for the third time and yet I am happy with the progress I have made so far, with both the technical and educational aspects of the training. I attribute my progress to the excellent training program, the community
When I first arrived here at Wealthy Affiliate I didn't know very much about using the on line tools necessary to accomplish the tasks I needed to on a daily basis. I got ahead of myself a few times and got lost, so I made myself busy within the community liking posts, commenting on posts, blogging, welcoming newbies, encouraged them to focus on goals, just doing all the little suggestions laid out for me along the way in the getting started training. I certainly appreciated all the welcoming
February 10, 2014
Why do you want to create financial independence? According to the information I have researched on the availability of wealth for the average person all the experts seem to agree on one thing, every human being has an inherent right to live the life of their choosing and if they so desire can become wealthy and In the new economy of internet marketing we have the potential to create this reality more than ever. It is obvious there has never been a better time in the history of our existence wh
February 04, 2014
In my little office where I work I keep a little statue of Yoda the old Jedi Master from the star wars movie. Some days when I have to practice self discipline in accomplishing my tasks, like today, Yodas words spoken to Luke Skywalker remind me that I am working on a committed goal. Sometimes when the going gets tough his words echo back to me. "There is no try. There is only do or do not" - Yoda It teaches me to be open to flexibility but not to quitting. Sincerely Mike
It doesn't matter what you are attempting to achieve in life, you can count on bumping into adversity along the way, when you do, and you will, the best approach to take is, see it as an opportunity to learn something, no matter how difficult the situation may seem at the time, if you really really work at changing your thinking, your thinking will give you different results. Check out this short video, it says it all. Albert Einstein said "Adversity
January 07, 2014
Any success coach worth their salt will tell you that the main ingredient in achieving any goal is the correct mindset. We would be wise to heed this advice. Being here as a member of Wealthy Affiliate is a real entrepreneurial adventure for me. I am passionate about my goals and I intend to achieve them here. of navigating our way success. The pieces of the puzzle are all here at Wealthy Affiliate, it is just a matter of fitting them into their perspective places. I look forward to the chall