How do I create TIME?

Last Update: June 10, 2015

I have only been researching the Wealthy Affiliate for few days and now am facing a dilemma - where do I find time to fit the extra hours into my schedule? I am working full time, spend valuable time with my partner, training every day for at least an hour, do a bushwalk appro 15k once a week, see friends and so on and so on... I hear people use the excuse: "I don't have time" very often - well, we All have exactly the same amount of time, we all have 24 hours for seven days a week (unless of course we have special multidimensional powers for parallel timelines :-) ) So, it seems to me that it is not that we don't have time for something, its more of a question what do we choose to invest those 24 hours into! Its a choice of priorities. And here I am facing now a choice - to invest time into understanding and creating an online business. How? The specifics are individually tailored for each person, of course, but there is one thing I am sure can apply to anyone - our belief systems.

If we believe the time is not enough, it will not be and we will get stressed out. When we get into the pressure of the stress mode our experience of time narrows into fast moving hectic, dizzying increments. I have done martial arts for 17 years and one of the things I learned is that when in a fighting ring if I get stressed out my opponent seems to be moving faster than usual. Everything is happening at a rate that I can not follow or respond appropriately to. But once I relax into the moment, staying calm and being present- time seems to slow down like a movie in a slow motion. Now, one thing I am certain - yes, we may all have the same amount of time, but how we experience that time is entirely subjective depending on attitude.

Our believes create our experience of this reality. We can manifest experience of time just as easily as we manifest any other aspect of life. Does the time really exist objectively out of that experience or are we the collective creators of it? I don't know. All I can do is choose now to program my subconscious mind: " I HAVE PLENTY OF TIME TO INVEST INTO ALL THAT IS IMPORTANT TO ME. I balance all aspects of my life with ease and grace. My experience of time flows with joy, calmness and positive attitude."

Now let the particulars fall into place. :-)

P.S. English is not my first language, I apologize if any of my writing and sentence structure shows it.

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Loes Premium
Nice words Milena, your English is very good. Despite the blog is written a year ago, it is still relevant.
allchristie Premium
Your English is great, mate. Thanks for this grand essay on the use of NOW. You have 16 hours start on me each day. I get to say how's tomorrow, and then have that much more time to get things done. It took me two days to get to Brisbane, but the return had me back here two hours before I left. It's all now.
I have followed you. Larry
MLozanova Premium
Thank you, Larry! When i think of NOW it remainds me of the question" How many numbers are there between 1 and 2? " Infinite set of numbers: 1.01, 1.001 , 1.0002...or 1.24, 1.241, 1.242 ...and you can fractize infinitely-so is now : it is infinite but somehow we seem to be cruising over it with ease. The only time when we touch that infinity is now...
AZechinato Premium
I recently gave myself a pep talk about this very same topic. It seems that days would go by and I would not even look at my site or even log in to WA. The reason I thought was that I was too busy doing other things.

I set my intentions but no matter what, the day would fly by and I'd get nothing done on my site. Amazingly I did like Kyle did. I made time by cutting out some TV until I had finished my work. TV time became my reward. I spend the in between times like mornings and before making dinner to write and the evenings to do research even when it was my TV reward time.

Now I've developed such a habit that many times it's after 1:30 am and I am still reading blogs and doing research. I gave up some social activities and even my work outs because the time conflicts with my writing schedule.

Oh and my question to myself during my pep talk....Why did I start a website if I wasn't going to work it like a business? I told myself to do it all or do nothing....I chose do it all and follow through!!!!

Thank you for the post Milena - excellent and right to the point. We all have the same amount of time. It's just what we choose to do with it that matters......

Angela Zechinato
MLozanova Premium
Hi Angela, I too had days when i did nothing for my studies here at WA, and i was very aware that i was making a choice -not that i did not have time, i was just choosing to spend it on something else. Then i thought: what am i investing my time into? But it also i think it's good not to beat yourself up too much if you miss a day or two - life has to be balanced.
Kyle Premium Plus
We pick and choose (and allot) time to things that we think are important in our lives. If the average person is awake 17 hours per day though, that does give us quite a few hours to truly be productive with our time.

Yes kids, school, family, social life, work, and the normal day to day life can consume a lot of time but I think if we all took a bit of time during the week to really see where our time was going we would realize that we waste a lot of time. TV, playing games, hanging out on social media, etc....time that could be dedicated to creating your business.

I personally started out online while full time in school, with a heavy load of exams, a social life, and sports...I still managed to find time to create my business. All my lunches were spent not just eating, but research and recording my ideas. My evenings were spent working on my website and yes, I made some social sacrifices sometimes instead of going out with friends I spent that time continuing to build my business.

I also traded my wasteful TV time for business. That has been something that has been very big for my productivity over the years.

An excellent and very insightful post here Milena!
MLozanova Premium
Thank you Kyle for sharing. As for me -my lunches are usually with a book and pen (to write ideas), tv is hardly existent, except when i want to watch specific programm and discipline has become my good friend. For years i have dedicated 4-5 hours a day to training, now that routine also pays of because it taught me how to prioritize and stick to my goals. Of course, i try to have a healthy balance, and one thing im absolutely sure in my case -attitude is everything! Cheers,☺
DianneF Premium
Excellent post, and your english is just fine :) lol. Thanks for the reminder about this.. though I would dearly love that "special multidimensional powers for parallel timelines" haha!
MLozanova Premium
Actually parallel time lines are permited by quantum physics, and who knows - in few years time we might have an access, lol! Wouldn't that be great! !
parallel time lines? Fantastic! We will certainly have access! I mean those true Christians who enter the Kingdom of God in the future. Wouldn't that be great! ! Best wishes! Pavel.