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September 24, 2015
This is my favourite chopstick box of rosewood with some lovely engraved turtles. These little guys seem so relevant when i think about my progress here, at WA. I am sure if we have to run a race with them they would swish past me at an incredible - or so it would seem to me - speed! :-)) I am very slooooow in my studies ;and site development, but being a stubborn, meticulous and patient taurean i actually like it that way. I go through lesson slow, but steady, do all the required tasks before
Is business about money making? Oh, yeah, definitely! Who does not want to generate nice income?! Here is another side of it - a very important one - the value to the world we contribute with our business. It is not just what we give back to the Universe in return for the abundance we want to manifest in our lives. Starting and maintaining a successful business is an act of creation - " and let there be Light..." :-) When we look at the world we live in - everything that we consider our civiliza
July 09, 2015
Hi everyone, i have been enjoying my amateur photography for years. i have always used my smart phone and the quality of the photos seemed to be sufficient for my purposes. I was delighted when a year ago a photography exhibition opened in Sydney with picks taken entirely from smart phones! I loved the idea!However, now that i am considering my photos to be used on the website i am still building ( on bush walking and activities to do in Sydney) i wander if my photos are of good enough quality.
I had a niche in mind before i joined the Wealthy Affiliate. The difficulty was that i could not narrow it down and was really struggling for quite some time. Oh, i was so attached to that particular idea i would not let it go. I was searching and searching.... until one day I woke up and had something totally different in mind - a hobby of mine that suddenly felt "just right" to start with. It was a paradigm shift! A new reality that was there all along i was just too obsessed with the old one
June 10, 2015
I have only been researching the Wealthy Affiliate for few days and now am facing a dilemma - where do I find time to fit the extra hours into my schedule? I am working full time, spend valuable time with my partner, training every day for at least an hour, do a bushwalk appro 15k once a week, see friends and so on and so on... I hear people use the excuse: "I don't have time" very often - well, we All have exactly the same amount of time, we all have 24 hours for seven days a week (unless of c