southeast Asia realities

Last Update: August 11, 2019

Fifty years ago tho western world was waging a great conflict to stop the spread of communist socialism in Asia. Seventy five years ago The US Navy and Japan conducted an island hopping adventure in the South Pacific.

Now the Chinese have taken the game strategy to the next level. Islands and parcels of land are being dredged on a hopscotch fashion in areas that heretofore have been mapped as ocean. This differs from the Netherlands which is reclaiming land from areas called polders which are already part of the Netherlands.

The ramifications of this action will and are spreading.across the traditional global scene.Now

  • flight patterns will change
  • sea lane navigation patterns are changing
  • A study of the map shows that despite all the push about China, It is the Philippines that claim the majority of the reclaimed areas. The Philippines are the one country in the region which has the most friendly ties with the United States
  • Taiwan (the other China), as you can see has allied a location in the Philippines and is not going to be left out in the cold...
  • Legal definitions regarding sea ownership rights are changing. Once this genie is out of the bottle there's no putting it back!
  • These efforts began in earnest about 5 years ago and are rolling on at full steam!

It takes the political geographers and map makers about another 5 years (Ten years since inception) to redraw the global map. When this happens, demographics of a new generation of residents will be recognized. Some residents of these areas may well be members of Wealthy Affiliate.his will take the concept of acquiring new trading partners to an unprecedented level.. Many of these territories will own their resources claimed directly from the sea bed,

As you can see multinational interests are staking a claim on this critical area. The flow is inevitable. Are we with it already?!

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MistySurf Premium
Thanks for that info. I too better be catching up on this ...
Sounds like things continue to happen when no one is 'paying attention' ...
Mick18 Premium
Very interesting I wasn't aware. Thanks for sharing.
Nancy29 Premium
Well this is eye-opening; I'll be doing more reading tomorrow. Thanks for sharing.
keishalina9 Premium
*** very interesting post, Prof. Mikey ... geography was my early favourite of study last century! ... lol ... actually, seriously, it's truly quite something the changes within this relative short span of time .... and future? ... uhm ... we'll need to re-visit a thing called 'values' ... what do we truly value? ....

appreciate your writings, all the best, cheerio ... :) ***
MKearns Premium
Thank you dearestKeishlina! ♥!
keishalina9 Premium
*** wouldn't it be wonderful to attend a live seminar and discussion on this topic? ... lots of lively yakking ... :) ***
Chris202 Premium
Nice read Mr K