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Last Update: August 15, 2019
!st nations trail system in BC Canada in K & C's back yard

I'm in catch 22 territory with this post No. 2200 as displayed on everyone's readers today 2211 on my reader. Once again a time of great conductivity and change for me. With the onset of fall season. I'm setting new milestones and mapping out the 19-20 adventure trek.

I love to blog and write articles. I'm getting tired of the WA system however. You move along and someone pops up as much as 20 positions below you.without warning. I am worn out from jogging up the down stair case and back into the top 200 again

.It's going to go past 200 and back in the stratosphere again. It's much more entertaining to write articles .like the one I recently posted. Articles can become chapters and chapters will build my e-books.

One great element of storytelling is dealing with and defining characters. I am fortunate enough to work at defining and positioning characters. Character definitions and actions fill 80% of most novels.

In the marketing and copy writing world characters are who you are targeting. This primary component of storytelling is your story. The characters ideally will hop out of a sales funnel converted and become valuable traffic.

I love each and every one of you. Just have to reposition the frequency of my posting!

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ExpatMark Premium
I could start reading one of your posts every day for 5 years and still have a dozen or so to read. You deserve a break. I am not far behind you on the vacation.
Best of luck and see you down the road not far away.

TrudA1 Premium
Thank you Mike for not running off before my time. Now you have someone who is looking up to you for help. Me! So sorry you can’t go anywhere but the top for me to follow.

I love your story line so please keep moving!
NeilBrown Premium
Thanks Mike for your share, life is like a roller coaster ride, it has its ups and downs but it's one heck of a ride, similar to the rankings system, ups and downs but one heck of a ride.
MKearns Premium
The roller coaster is an analogy I've used often Neill
Joes946 Premium
Mike, I’ve been on this yo-yo ever since I’ve been on WA.
I confess I have never understood the system. i have constantly
blogged about rank. Hang in there. your voice is too important.
keishalina9 Premium
*** All the very best to you for every Success -- health, wealth, happiness, prosperity, love, more of all that .... cheerio ... :) ***
MKearns Premium
Thank you, dear!
keishalina9 Premium
*** keep well, keep happy! ... 😊 ... ! ***