The Wealthy Affiliate Fine Print Nobody will tell you about

Last Update: Dec 6, 2018

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The Wealthy Affiliate Program mystery deepens. As I continue with the training and continue to complete the tasks, I am discovering things that I was never told about before signing up. I hope that I won't rock the boat too much by revealing some Wealthy Affiliate fine print nobody will tell you about.

Fine Print: hidden information in plain sight

When looking up the definition of fine print, it doesn't really leave a pleasant taste in your mouth. It is widely understood that when someone makes a reference to the "fine print" there is a negative connotation implied.

As we can clearly see, three common dictionaries validate what is commonly understood as fine print, and it is not really positive.

Fine Print in Contracts

It is fairly common knowledge that before you sign a contract you need to read the fine print. Otherwise, you might get caught committing to something you never intended to commit to. The fine print is where the "goodies" are hidden, and where some "traps" are laid. If you sign the contract without reading the fine print, it is difficult to escape the consequences even though you unwittingly agreed to them.

Unfortunately, when it comes to doing things online, the simplicity of agreeing to a contract is viewed as a benefit and we often "click here" to download a program or an app or sign up to something without actually reading the contract. We have gotten used to trusting that the company offering the product is honest, and not "out to get us". Unfortunately, there are people out to get us, and we really should be more vigilant. Likely more than one person reading this post has been taken in by a shady dealer.

Fine Print that benefits you: (yeah right)

Have you ever run across fine print that has actually been in your favor? Where the goodies are for you to enjoy, and where the traps are turned upside down and are really bonuses for your benefit?

I know it seems surreal and definitely goes against common practice, but it has happened, and it is happening here at WA.

This is exactly what I am finding out about Wealthy Affiliate, their training is totally covered in fine print that nobody told you about. Honestly, I thought that I got a good deal when I first signed up for free. I got some valuable training that was good enough for me to use to improve one of my existing websites.

It wasn't long before I signed up for Premium in order to broaden my training opportunities.

I advanced through the training and started to realize that there was something else going on in WA. I had appreciated the training sessions at face value but what I had not anticipated, was the added value of the training process itself.

Some tasks seemed mundane, and even repetitive. I wasn't sure how doing some easy things was going to help me and I must confess that I was tempted to just check off the boxes to say that I was done so that I would get through faster. In the end, I didn't "cheat" and I dutifully completed every task that was assigned to me. And now I know why it was important.

I am currently in Level 4 and Level 5 training and I am sneaking in some Bootcamp training on the side. I haven't finished Level 4 yet because there are a few tasks that I don't have time to get done just now. But as I am going through the Level 5 training, and as I start to see my website stats poke upwards, the fine print is appearing as clear as could be.

I am seeing my own teaching tactics being used and it's great.

I don't know if Kyle and Carson intended for the fine print to work the way it does, but I do suspect that in some a way it was intentional.

When I was a Mathematics professor I taught my students how to crunch numbers and solve equations. At least, that is what a casual observer would see.

Unknown to even the students, I was teaching them much more than that. I provided many examples and gave out lots of homework for the students to practice. But solving those specific problems was never the end game.

Mathematics in and of itself is a tough class to teach because of the famous "when am I ever going to use this?" grumble. But this common frustration gets to the crux of the matter. As I taught my students how to crunch numbers and solve equations, I was preparing them to tackle the more technical problems they would encounter in their other classes.

Without them realizing it, my students were honing their problem solving skills. Skills they would be able to apply in their core classes and later in their chosen field of work. My students never read my fine print, I always tried to give them more than they bargained for. And I know that they benefited from my teaching techniques because I could see it in their work, and as they shared their appreciation for the fun math classes we had together.

Action Point: read the Wealthy Affiliate fine print nobody will tell you about

I can almost guarantee that you will appreciate and agree with what you read. Here are some brief observations on some fine print benefits of Wealthy Affiliate and why you should be completing every task within the training provided. Be patient with your training, taking shortcuts will only hurt you in the long run.

Please share in the comments some fine print you have picked up in the training.

Site Feedback: the purpose of Site Feedback is to get members to take an unbiased look at your website. Often as the owner / designer of your own site, you will miss some aspect of design, functionality, and organization. This other set of eyes can be a great help in identifying areas that could use improvement or adjustment.

Fine print: by inviting members to look at your site, you are getting site hits. Google will view your site as being active with visitors. Obviously it won't be a lot of visitors, but it will be a few and they do start to add up. Another benefit, is that you get to see other people's website. This can be a driver for new ideas and for you to pick up on some items that you may be lacking on your website.

Site Comments: the purpose of Site Comments is to add activity to your website. As many have commented, the system isn't perfect and we all know that we are often commenting on issues and topics that we are not familiar with or don't really care about.

Fine print: the comments that are left on our websites are triggers for Google. A slow accumulation of comments show Google that your posts are active. A post with comments is much more likely to get a higher indexing than a post without comments. I don't know about you, but I appreciate being able to get some practice answering questions about my posts from WA members while the traffic is still minimal.

Blogs: the purpose of the blogs on WA is to communicate successes, share feelings, express frustration, or whatever.

Fine print: all of your WA blogs are being indexed by Google. That is all I am going to say... oh never mind, I'll share all the fine print. The quality of your blogs on WA can affect the indexing on your own website. When you do a review of WA on your website, you can link back to your blog posts from WA. WA is a popular website, recognized by Google. Take advantage of this leverage by putting into practice what you are learning about quality content on your website and apply it to your WA blogs. Make it a 5 Titles, 6 paragraphs, 1000 words keyword rich content page.

Follows: the purpose of accruing followers within the WA platform is to extend your network. The benefit is two fold. You can help those that you follow, and those that follow you can help you.

Fine print: online business is about networking, primarily, finding followers. But you have to give to receive. Developing good habits within WA will help in the real world. Follow and be followed. From what I have noticed, most members have more people that they follow, than that are following them.

For those who are following me, thank you. For those who have helped me, thank you. And I hope that I can be a help and encouragement as we continue taking this journey together.

Today, I am celebrating two months as a Premium Member.

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Hi Mitch, good catch on the positive fine print we get to work with here. Thanks for doing this research and affirmation on our behalf. Glad indeed to be following you, sir! Marc

Glad to share these observations.
It is a fun platform to use and learn from.

Sometimes there are frustrating days when it seems everything goes wrong, but even they are part of the learning process. The ugly fine print with positive results.

Hi Mich, You bring great wisdom and knowledge with you to WA. I wish you much more success. I will follow you.

Thanks Ruben for the kind words.

Appreciate the follow and wishing you success in your WA endeavors.

I am one that likes to think fine print is something I try to complete before signing. Truth is I've hit download many times before ever looking at a terms&conditions;.

WA is full of those nice little surprises like the archive of videos from the members helping with all kinds of little obstacles that I've found along the way.

That search bar at the top is like WA's personal google any questions can go in there and more time than not there's an answer in there. If not live chat takes on the rest. Nice post thanks for sharing.

Right on. Glad you are finding those pleasant surprises.

That search bar is an amazing feature, thanks for highlighting that one.

I remember when I first used it and how excited I was to find such a good answer to my question.

You the man Mitch, stay classy brother!

Great post. I must say you good fine print is rare for sure.

Quite a special deal we got here at WA.

Excellent blog post! ... 😊

Thanks Keisha. :)

Hi Mitch and what an excellent post
amazing the fine print here in WA right, and how many benefits we get from it all
amazing amazing amazing
Well done with your progress and I hope 2091 brings you everything you plan and work for
Go well

Thanks Vicky,
I'd love to be further ahead in my training but other commitments keep me busy.
Every chance I get I am working on posts, and catching up on training, learning something every day. The value of what we found here is so much more than what is "advertised".
Have a great day and wishing you all the best in 2019 as well.

Thanks for the share

Thanks for the read.
All the best.

A great read and I learned a thing or two along the way! Thank you!


Hi Fran,
Thank you for sharing.
It seems to be a daily thing for me this "learning a thing or two along the way". Such a helpful community.

fine print, without a negative, now that is a first

Nothing but hidden gems of help tucked in everywhere around here.

Fine print is very hard to read but I for one always take
the time (and usually a magnifying glass) to read! You
really have hit the fine prints that most of us all missed
with WA and I appreciate this.
Thank you for sharing,

Hi Susan,
I have a soft spot for education, and I really appreciate what these two co-founders put together with this platform.
I am sure that I will discover yet more fine print as I continue the training.
Keep up the good work on your end!!! Thank you.

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