Proof That Wealthy Affiliate Training Works

Last Update: August 30, 2015

When you join any online program that promises to teach you techniques to earn money online, one thing's guaranteed... you're going to enter that program with a little scepticism, it's human nature ... right!

So it's pretty important that I can show proof wealthy affiliate works to anyone I chat to interested in affiliate marketing.

Only yesterday I was explaining to my fairly new friend, how exactly the web pays me. She's very interested in horses, has a pony and has been at it for almost 30 years... As I explained the concept to her I used her equestrian sport as an example. All I could see were $$ signs as I spoke about different types of saddles, hats ,whips and even stirrups!

Again I thought to myself, there really is no magic to doing what we do as affiliate marketers, we just follow the proven blueprint. Yet I know, often when peeps hear about affiliate marketing, they want proof that it works, because it does sound a little too simple doesn't it!?

I wrote a post on not so long ago, where I showcased the type of websites that wealthy affiliate members build. As another question but often arises is - What type of website should I build? what niche shall I go into?

One of the websites on that post was a niche site targeting room fans. I created this site with 2 new wealthy affiliate members, to show how easy it is to rank on page 1 using simple SEO, and make sales as an Amazon Affiliate.

I as usual, had plans for a rather large website. As proof that Wealthy Affiliate training works I wanted to target only the top 100 best selling fans on Amazon. We'd create a post on each of the room fans using similar review techniques as shown in BootCamp... easy right!

So the website was launched in October 2014, however by March 2015, 6 months later and only after 19 posts... One new recruit bailed, the other got a little too busy, and everything fizzled to a halt. (know feeling do you?)

We started to make some headway in the SERP's

But the story doesn't end there

A couple of days ago I was going through some of my Amazon Reports and I looked at the the earning report from the room-fan site. The website wasn't 'marketed', just pure onsite SEO plus a Tweet and a share on FB once a new post was published.

The site didn't 'start' making sales until April 2015, a month after everything fizzled to a halt... do you think you've ever given up on a site too early?

I decided to show you the earnings report as proof that Wealthy Affiliate training works... Fans sold since April 2015:

So there you have it, Proof wealthy Affiliate Works!

There are sales from other departments too, as commissions are made on anything the visitor buys whilst at Amazon, but i just wanted to show you the fans sold. Sales of room fans from only 19 posts. I would have expected a 4 figure a month site with 100 posts. It's a shame we didn't reach our potential...yet.

There was no action on the website after March 2015. Therefore, there was no activity in the serps through the summer months - which would have been 'peak period' for searching for fans and reaped SEO benefits. However not too shabby eh!

Lessons learnt:

Don't give up - Success is often just around the corner. There's a bunch of reasons we didn't make sales in the first few months. We were just growing as a brand new blog, gaining google rank organically, it's bound to be a seasonal site etc.

Follow The Blueprint - It really isn't just luck. There's a reason we made sales and it's nothing to do with luck. Even though I'm targeting products where I'm up against some large stores in the serps, we'll out-rank them with niche specific content and basic search engine optimization.

Returns are relative - You get out what you put in! It's blatantly obvious to me that we missed a great opportunity with 'not' continuing to post about the other '81 room-fans' on the blog that we started. I really should finish what I started!

Keep Going! What have you got to lose?


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starita70 Premium
Thank you so much for more encouragement!
mission0ps Premium
Al blessed - hope it gets you rocking & rollin
Kav Premium
Thank you for sharing.
Very encouraging to see that we are not here in vain.
mission0ps Premium
Never know anyone fail that didn't quit buddy ;)
gmegs Premium
Thanks Tony - this is Great!
... I am bookmarking to use in promotions!
mission0ps Premium
Hey Joanne, cheers for the props ;)
dickw Premium
Like they say, you just never give up.
mission0ps Premium
Standard procedure RW - it's always closer than we think ... in most cases.
EKautz Premium
That's cool Tony!

I have one question - why did sales fall apart after March 2015? Why no SERP activity after that?

mission0ps Premium
Sales didn't fall apart , sales started in Mar 2015 -
No real serp "activity" ... ranking was already established, but with no new posts etc we didn't spike again .
EKautz Premium
Did I read this wrong - "There was no action on the website after March 2015. Therefore, there was no activity in the serps through the summer months - which would have been 'peak period' for searching for fans and reaped SEO benefits."
mission0ps Premium
No - you didn't read it wrong - no action from an author's point of view.. no new posts to revitalise the search algo