Asking For Comments At WA Flopped

Last Update: November 17, 2012

If you want to get comments to your personal blog asking at WA is a flop.

Do you think that members from Wealthy Affiliate read each others personal weblogs?

I think blogs that are related to your WA profile may get a glimpse, but it's rare that members will actually leave wealthy affiliate and peruse your own web-space.

I'm in the latter stages of crafting my first course here at the WA and it's focused at "Traffic Generation" sort of ...
... As a little experiment last night I asked that the members in the chat area read the post and comment on my blog.

I'm no newbie here at WA and "I hope" that what I add to the members training area add value to whom ever reads it. However my little experiment revealed some stark truths.

Not one member of WA commented on the blog post after I made my request.

I know that a few others have seen it, however members interaction on my web-space ZERO. So what does that tell you? - Just a Q I have no answers as yet.

So blogging and linking to your own content outside of WA isn't likely to get you subscribers to your own weblog.

I suppose we all offer our support, thumbs up and help in different ways!
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mama2karsten Premium
I personally think people are bombarded with many things these days. I cannot always get to articles and posts as quickly as I would like, as I do have a life outside of here... I think many people here check the posts as they have time, so it may be over a period of days and not instant. I also scan the headlines(Great Headlines work) and see if it is something relevant to my needs at that particular time.
mission0ps Premium
Thanks for your comments .. again just don't assume that I have an agenda other than helping ..

...We ALL have lives outside of Wealthy Affiliate

The point of the "request" was to see how many that I was chatting to at the time took the instruction.
Shawn Martin Premium
I am surprised you did not get any comments. I usually do check out content myself. I get many ideas from fellow WA members sites. I will look forward to your course!
mission0ps Premium
Ah Shawn at last you get the whole point of the "experiment" Sweet
John Dough Premium
One thing I've learned is that the audience is never wrong. If they don't like something or don't want to do something all we can do is look for anything we may have done wrong.

It's much like trading stocks. The market is never wrong. It simply is! We have to find out what the trend is and follow the trend if we want to make money.

If you really believe it what you've done, stick with it regardless of whether or not anyone comments on it. Also, if you believe in what you've done, have faith in it. Sometimes people need time to come around. If that doesn't happen, be willing to accept that maybe you need to make some changes.

I hope this helps. Good luck to you.
mission0ps Premium
Hi John, cheers for dropping by, I appreciate it.. I did read earlier 2day that your back in the saddle..

The issue isn't whether I have faith in my content. I was just observing the behavior of exiting a forum for content when prompted and the comment was a way of me measuring who made it to the bottom & followed through.

I've got a few ideas for your golf blogs to. Your knowledge seems to be there so it's just about getting traffic & conversion right!
Carson Premium Plus
People are less likely to comment on something when you ASK them, versus when it's something interesting to them that captivates their interest. Furthermore, WA has never been a place where people are going to leave what they are doing to go subscribe on an external web page...and when we see this kind of thing we generally delete it.

A lot of the time people will actually comment far less if you ask them and especially if they think there is some kind of motive to what you posted (not saying this was the case with your blog).

With this said...

There is the issue at WA where member blogs tend to be popular for a short time, then as they are replaced by new content they lose the exposure. We're working on that because we know there are 1000's of awesome blogs at WA that deserve more eyes on them.
mission0ps Premium
Hi Capt,
It's interesting there is evidence to show that some questioning techniques used in blogs will encourage comments NLP and all that. But not so often in the IM niche.

I actually don't see an issue with members blogs at WA in fact I seem to be chatting to a member then those whom are interesting I end up on their blogs...

.. As you say there is a lot of great content here.

Cheers for popping in ;)
I never expected "So blogging and linking to your own content outside of WA isn't likely to get you subscribers to your own weblog." to happen. odd how hard it is to gain trust in this biz....
mission0ps Premium
I actually am not so sure if it's a trust business or a fact of just wanting to stay within the wall of WA.

But that said I know that there are only about 4 or 5 subscribers from in WA to my out of WA blogs.:)