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It's the END of the buying cycle where our product and service reviews come in. We understand the reader is close enough to be pressing the button and buying.They just need to know WHY they should buy it from your website NOW.I'm not talking about scarcity. We tell them what may achieve, Who they could becomeHow they will feel. Even if you're selling a bed!If you know your customer avatar it's a lot easier to tick all their boxes.
Yep, another new update to the Wealthy Affiliate UI and seems peeps be loving it. Do you know how we used to look before?ThenThen we did Then ther was ooh then next came And now ... well youäre here right!
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Students loans are VERY beneficial to any and student and are becoming an essential part of college life today. At first, the loans were not so popular but now years later almost every college student applies for this loan to assist in paying their tuition fee.College education life can be challenging, and expensive especially if you don’t come from well-off family. Various lenders offer the student loans at different rates to start repaying once you complete your learning. The state also
Always the Mavrick, I found it amusing and thought I'd share the love & unlove for Kayne West this week. Both these characters know a thingor two about personal branding and marketing. Personal branding and marketing at it's best, how to grab the medias attention! DrakeDrake was one of the music artists who unfollowed Kanye West on Twitter after Kanye West posted a series of tweets that turned to the rapper vocally supporting President Trump, several 'top of the pops' musicians either disse
Facebook profits have boomed in the last quarter, despite the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Congress probing and the looming effect of big brands pulling off the platform. In the same breath I could also say that Barclays are at a loss for tha last quarter. In the world of business models there's an obvious reason why Facebook profits will continue to grow - exponentially.First lets look at the year-on-year numbers Yesterday, 04/25/2018 Facebook reported a leap in profits for the first 2018 quar
Wazzup Peeps...I often hear all the time from people struggling for "sales ideas." So hold onto this tip... This I remember from a well ooooooold piece of training here at WA.With any business, there are times of the sale calendar year that are always going to be more profitable than others. But if you look closely, there is generally a reason to sell something...every single month.By that reasoning, you can use the occasion to neatly tie into your marketing, ads, emails, and messages.I was loo
I own quite a few domains and lots are in staging or landers for something or the other. I was just just looking over a video I did here over 3 years ago, as shared it on facebook as it's a useful lil how-to on adding a Gravatar image to your email account. AnyhoooI hadn't visited WAF for ages so decided to log in and do a quick update... Only to find that I'd let it expire a couple of months ago and it's been scooped and some joker wants me to pay ... quite a fee for it! Lesson learnt - Needle
I know how exciting it can be starting a business. And when you have that light bulb idea, great product or service then it can take some serious self-control not to rush into launch.However, I equally know that jumping in too soon can be a real business mess up. And one that can serve to seriously deflate your business balloon.So here I fill you in on the vital three C’s to think about and get down before the big launch day: content, connect and contribute.ContributeI view contributing a
When you join any online program that promises to teach you techniques to earn money online, one thing's guaranteed... you're going to enter that program with a little scepticism, it's human nature ... right!So it's pretty important that I can show proof wealthy affiliate works to anyone I chat to interested in affiliate marketing.Only yesterday I was explaining to my fairly new friend, how exactly the web pays me. She's very interested in horses, has a pony and has been at it for almost 30 yea
It's no secret that I do love a lil SEO it's my secret weapon against the competition. I work in niches that you'll probably never see, and some that you do. I'd like to show and tell (but more on that later) Back To Upsetting the Status Quo with search engine optimization. I've a site that I rarely visit called I use it for product review in the IM space. It's one of those honest review sites that just ranks well. The 1st upset was for Quicksprout University - Neil Patels progr