Should I report this website for copying my posts?

Last Update: July 24, 2018

Hey guys!

I just found out that a website has copied at least 30 of my posts. I try to publish one post a day and this website has already copied the one I posted yesterday so I wouldn't be surprised if they do the same with the post I have published today.

I noticed that they are promoting Wealthy Affiliate as well but they are using my content to post their affiliate links. Not only that, they are also promoting scam websites.

I also noticed that they provide a link to my site at the end of their posts so that's why I don't know whether or not reporting them.

I mean, I'm glad that they at least post a link to my website but it's not fair that they copy and paste my content because I'm the one who spends hours researching and writing.

I looked for their about me page to see who's the owner of this website but they don't even provide this information, which does not surprise me because people who do this kind of things don't want to get caught.

In fact, they do not even have an affiliate disclosure or privacy policy page so what they are doing is illegal, right?

Would you report a website like this? Have you ever experienced something similar? I would appreciate your thoughts on this topic.

Thank you =)


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Kyle Premium Featured Comment
Yes, you can PM me about this but if they are copying your content, you can also file a DMCA takedown with Google.

You can file this here:

Google is typically very efficient with de-indexing content that is copying others.
NWTDennis Premium
This couldn't be a WA member could it?
bpais1 Premium Featured Comment
Try using this plugin:

WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click

At least they can't copy and paste your content. They will have to completely type it out and they probably won't want to go to that extent to steal your intellectual property.

fleurallen Premium
Nice Jim!
ToLiNoLi Premium
Yup nice, there are simple tricks to go around this, as I wrote already below:

one of them is to print the page to PDF and then you can extract the text and pictures with the PDF editor....

I call that waste of resources using another plugin.

Look there is no 100% protection, unless those who copy are really stupid people, then yeah that plugin might help you....

Just my 2 cents to it....
Vickic3 Premium
Jim- what a great plugin. going to install it now thank you
amyr2017 Premium
Really? Is this a good plug-in...?!
bpais1 Premium
Hi Amy,

If you want to check out how it works, go to my profile page, find my website in the lower right corner, and try to right click / copy something from one of the posts.

Then, let me know what you think.

RPalinkas Premium
Hello Miren,
It's about time you got Kyle involved. Now that the boss knows, why don't you dropped it? This is just adding more fuel and that's what he wants. Has this post been going around for a week?
I am wondering why don't you drop. He will be lost and you can work on your website or something? Unless you're addicted to getting attention? I call it the way I see it. A lot of new members that we could be helping out.

Love & Light.
AlenkaV Premium
Why doesn't she drop what? Not sure if I can understand your message at all?
CarolMeador Premium
Miren, I'm so sorry to hear this is happening to you. I know how much work it takes to research and write good content, and to have it stolen is horrible. I would definitely put the copyright and your name at the bottom of each post, as suggested by earlier replies to your post, and report the situation to Kyle and Google ASAP. Good luck! Keep us informed what happens, OK?
frmcf Premium
Hi Miren, so sorry to hear this is happening to you. Yes you need to report this ASAP. They are stealing your hard work. They are too lazy to do it themselves. Make sure you let Kyle and Carson know about this also. If they are WA members they need to go. :-) Frank
TheAdvisor Premium
How could anyone ever call themselves a self made success when they don't even have the drive to put in the work for themselves.

That is sadder than having all the opportunities in the world, and not giving yourself the opportunity to do things right for once if they want their situation to get better...
michelemarie Premium
Perhaps because they are also Affiliates of WA,( sounds like it if they are promoting WA), it might be good to let Kyle and Carson know of your concerns
They will then investigate and you will know where you stand and the best way forward.
Plagiarism, is totally unacceptable, anywhere on the internet.
KleeClay Premium
Be sure to add a copyright 2018 with your name at the bottom of each post. You can fight this without it, but having the copyright on there gives you a legal claim to posting it first. You also have a time and date first published on the right-hand side of your editing window for the post, to use as proof of ownership.
DGArchitect Premium
Besides the tech support here, I would also report them to Google because this could affect your ranking. Check your Google console and analytics to see if it is affecting you. Google bots can crawl and find this duplicate content. I'm sure they are intelligent enough to figure it out, but I would mention something just to be safe. Also the website called Copyscape can help you fight plagiarism. Good luck
RDulloo Premium
I agree with what everybody is saying here and I think that you should report it to Kyle and see what he thinks. I would think that still reporting them, even if they are posting a link to your website is the best way to go, because all your hard work, is getting THEM the rewards, which is not fair.
WendyLR Premium
Hey Miren,

I would definitely let Kyle know and see how he wants to deal with it. I can't imagine the person doesn't know what plagiarism is, but who knows. Maybe they think it's okay as long as they put your link and it could just be a case of not really knowing what they're doing. I don't see how anyone who's a member here on WA wouldn't know that copying people's work is a definite no-no.

Hopefully, you get it sorted out quickly and they remove the content so it won't penalize you in any way. :-)
ladyluck2013 Premium
Hi Miren,
It's a shame that in this day and age, some people want to receive all the rewards but do not want to do the work that is necessary to get it. If someone doing research finds one of your posts and uses some of the content from it for their own post on their website, they MUST give you the credit as the source of the content. However, if they are just blatantly copying your posts word for word, then they are cheating and that is defined as plagiarism. Online plagiarism is just as bad as plagiarism that occurs when writing actual books and essays. You should definitely report it to Kyle--WA does not need members who think it's OK to copy content from other members without permission.
RPalinkas Premium
Hello Miren,
I am so sorry that this horrendous deed is happening to you. I noticed something when I click on a follow. A person who is 21 has been here a while (this leaves the door open to all members not just the new) from the UK wants to make money fast. Doesn't want to be my age & broke.
When I looked to see what were his accomplishments, nothing. Not 1 blog, not 1 post. I feel for now on I am going to be leery of just adding people to follow. This is not a popularity contest. As of now, I am going to read people's bio and then decide if I want to follow or not. I take my writing very seriously, that God has blessed me with the art of writing not for someone to take, use & abuse it.
I felt sorry for a new member. I noticed in her bio there was a ton of errors.
Kyle was doing his sales pitch. Then I left a remark to her, telling her to stop making excuses and jump in. I send her a PM telling her that her computer can automatical fix those errors. Her response which threw me. Was I don't own a computer. I told her that I would be her Angel. Before posting I will edit her work. I feel bad for this person Kyle was pressuring her to join without knowing how bad of a life she was having. On top, I had to pressure her even more. Not everyone is able to join WA. I realized that yesterday.
Miren, I pray they catch him or her or both.

Love & Light,
NWTDennis Premium
I would first PM Kyle as he has recommended below. Certainly he wants to assure that this is not a WA member. Then perhaps he will help you understand the upside and downside of this.

I assume there is no chance that Google will penalize you. Once you are assured of that, then I wonder if there is only upside for you ... you get increased traffic as a result of the duplicating references.

On the other hand do you want to be associated at all with a site that is breaking so many rules? Tough call. Hopefully Kyle can help you sort out the best course of action.

One of the attractions to your content Miren is that your written English is very clear and well written. There are no signs of English not being your native language.

I wish you the best on this messy situation.
Jadatherapy Premium
I have read the other comments and agree with them.

It is really funny because the other day I was accused of copying a blog post image on the same subject matter.

I private messaged them and they apologized for the mistake and then went on to tell me that their content had been copied and now the suspect everyone.

That was the first I heard of this.

It is good that you have done your research and know who they are.

With all the info you have. To me reporting them is the way to go.

You could try emailing them first to see if or how the respond if at all.

Please let us know how this turns out. I would love to know.
JackieSmith Premium
That is so sad. The competition is fierce enough without someone just ripping off your content.

I have seen several complaints about this here of people copying ideas and posts, which results in a lack of trust and people not sharing their websites.

We're told time and time again to do our own research and I know that a lot of members are using Kyle's product list to write posts so its inevitable that when doing our research, other WA members site appears but that isn't to say that we are to just copy and paste the text.

I have noticed in my research that people are going directly to posts I have created - so it's not organic. It really demotivates me as I do spend a lot of time doing the research and applying the learning only to think that the next sign-up is due to my effort but someone else gets the credit.

Maybe the Bootcamp should only be available to new members after 6 months or so. I'm not alluding to the fact that it is a new member that is doing this but when I see questions like 'How soon can I make money' from new starters who haven't even created a profile pic, it makes me wonder are they here to learn or are they treating this like a get-rich-quick scheme.

With a mindset like that, the easy route is for them is to do the Bootcamp and plagiarise content - not forgetting all the WA success stories that they read - sure sounds like an easy way to make money.

I hope things will work out for you Miren and that whoever is doing this will have the decency to stop.

Best wishes.
Labman Premium
Step 1. Send them an email and ask them to stop copying your content.
Step 2. Ask Kyle and Carson to intervene as they can directly contact the owner if the site is hosted here.
Step 3. File a DMCA stop notice with the registrar. If WA is the registrar, the site will disappear overnight.

Each step is an escalation of the issue. I would hope that a WA member understands this but it is possible that this is not the case. We have many here who don't understand copyright issues.

When you publish on your site, you own the copyright to that material.
NWTDennis Premium
Could it be a WA member? How sad is that or am I just being naive about the character of our membership?
DBlanchard Premium
Unfortunately, there's unscrupulous people everywhere. WA is not immune to people's actions. It's up to us the members to report any suspicious activity.
webbsight Premium
Miren, it just occurred to me that if they are promoting wealthy affiliate then they are likely a member as well. So, i would report the site to kyle, carsen and maybe even site support. I'm thinking, they should be able to track their affiliate link, find out who they are and address it from there.

RussellO1 Premium
I say, report it. At first I thought it was one post and I was thinking, contact them and ask them to take it down. But if they are daily copying then they are up to no good. Who knows who else they have done the same to. So report it and let us know the result please.
Donnie58 Premium
Hi, Miren!

I would definitely report them like Kyle and others have said.

However, there are also plugins you can add to your site that prohibit visitors from right-clicking on your content, such as "WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click" or "RCD-Right Click Disabler"! There are several of these in your "WP New Plugin" search box.

It will seriously make it more difficult for this leech to steal your content afterward. If he/she still wants to do it, they will have to type out everything making it much more difficult! It will also prevent others from doing the same.

Just a thought but maybe you don't want to add another plugin.

Hope you solve the problem!

Jadatherapy Premium
Thank you for this info. i am learning so much here.
Donnie58 Premium
You are welcome, Jennifer!
tibby Premium
So cuuuute...! You really have talent to write! I could almost hear your voice talking... :-)

Of course you can (and HAVE TO) report it!

I remember back in 2009 when I worked so hard on my FIRST article for a site called, which was the hardest content website to rank on, and had a great Credibility at the moment. Google algorithms loved it (until 2011, when they first changed their algorithms), so I did EVERYTHING possible to rank on Google's first page fast, and I worked so hard with SEO and Keyword Research, that I ranked my Article in just HOURS on the first page of Google... Just 2 days later, someone copied it and pasted it as theirs... But it was so long ago, that I remember asking the same question here, but on that year, you could only give up to the fact that someone stole your article from you, and that's it. The regulations were not still strong.

Thank God, these are not only new years, controls have changed, the Community has grown, we have accumulated lots of experience around, and Kyle and Carson have ALWAYS been there for you..So, JUST DO IT!!

Report it! And congratulations for your great work! :-)

Tibby J Huerta
SBlandford Premium
Hello Miren,
I Think you should report it. You must write "AMAZING" content for someone else to feel they need to steal it. Everything will work out. Keep your chin up and keep writing don't give up. I know this can be discouraging however, you are going to get this all worked out and YOU WILL WIN!!!!!!!!
God Bless
Kewl Web Premium
Yes, it happened to me too with a member here but only one post that I was aware of. Probably more.

Report it to Kyle & Carson. If they find the culprit I am sure they will kick them out of the affiliate program & WA.

The good news is your content was published first so it should get the rankings ahead of their site in the search engines (I've heard this is true but you should confirm with Google).

You can also report it to the authorities as others have mentioned but I believe the fastest way to cease the person's copying is to have the person removed from WA so they lose their website and all affiliate commissions.
BrianCh Premium
Your content must be worth gold for somebody to risk their reputation like this. What astonishes me is the level of stupidity. Why on earth would you copy content and then leave a roadmap back to the source?

If the culprit is reading this, here's a message for you, "Get a grip. You're a dumb-ass!"
lorac4000 Premium
That's bad that's against copyright laws. I use Copyscape with my website and have it in the bar on my site so people know its protected content. If someone wants to use a small quote to my content though and include my link and details appropriately well I like free traffic.
I would report them and send a cease and desist notice if possible.
Alan-1988 Premium
Report it to Google and maybe over here too. I had something similar happen to me.

If he/she promotes scams and is linking to your site, it may lead some of your visitors to think WA is a scam too.

It's also unfair that you take the time, even days to do the research and writing just so someone can get the same done in a matter of minutes.

You can try this link :
Maddy55 Premium
oh boy... that is a very scummy thing to do. Some lazy WA member here who does not want to write his or her own posts. This person thinks it 'might' be okay to steal your hard work and then throws you a bone by providing the link to your site. Not OK at all. I would be livid! I sometimes spend a few days finishing a post. One of posts took a week because of all the research I had to do. Most definitely report report report! There are plug ins that prevent someone from the copy and paste function. I don't generally advocate that but in your case, make it as hard as possible for this person to copy.
reverendin Premium
I agree that this is a horrible thing to do, and should be reported. But the plugins that block got pasture generally so so by blocking right clicking. At the same time there are broader plugins that allow you too right click even when someone is blocking them. Kinda eliminates the effectiveness of blogging them in the first place.
laparra1 Premium
Good afternoon Miren,

That is really not funny and I understand you are upset.
If you have the possibility to contact them I would do so and request they remove all the stolen content.
If it is a WA member I would tell Kyle in a PM.
Patsy had a similar case some months ago and she wrote a couple of posts about it. Perhaps you would want to contact her also.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
LeeMcQuay Premium
I wouldn't suggest doing that. Then they will know they have been caught and could delete all the evidence.
I mean it is a good thought, but then they will be able to go and do it to others. They need to know that there is a price to pay for doing this.
Lee Ann
laparra1 Premium
Good afternoon Lee Ann,

I understand your concern. I just remembered what Patsy did when it happened to her. She did contact this person various times, that person was a hard nut to crack, so very stubborn. Patsy now has, call it a warning, on her website that taking content is not permitted by her.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
Mllafrance Premium
Hi Miren,

I would report it if I were you. You work hard to write posts. It takes time and a great deal of inspiration to try to come up with original content, it’s very frustrating to see someone else use our hard work.

I hope this will not discourage you from keeping up your good work.
birdjack95 Premium
This is what discourages me from sharing my site here at WA. I've seen similar posts to yours before, where someone has noticed their content has been stolen. It's unfortunately very detrimental to the great community we have here that someone would be willing to do this to another member, rather than go through the training and learn how to do it themselves. Report their site, report it to Kyle and Carson who will be able to identify the user from their affiliate links.
Memorylaneuk Premium
If it were me I would report it. It is making your site have duplicate content on it so it will be hurting your Google rankings.
If they have put their WA link on the posts you can go into incognito mode, click on their link and it may give your their WA name, if not join with a different email address. Then you will definitely know who it is.
I would then report them to Kyle and Or Carson.
Hope you get this resolved.
With Grace and Gratitude
LeeMcQuay Premium
This is definitely something I would message Kyle and Carson about.
Then you get it "straight from the horses mouth". They would definitely know if this is a legal practice.
The fact that they are also promoting scam sites, would mean it could possibly confuse your readers as well.
This is strange, no doubt.
I hope you get it resolved soon. Please do keep us informed.
Wishing you the best in all you do
Lee Ann
BusyGirl Premium
Yes, absolutely. The fact that they provide a link to your site means nothing if all their other links give them credit and not you. Duplicate content is not allowed and you certainly don't want to get tangled up in that mess! Report them to Google and to WA as MerlynMac suggest.
Glen B Premium
Well hmmm.. what's the traction of the site.. does it have a high page rank.. if you you are getting valuable page rank links back to your site. I think I would use a tool to find out the page rank of the site before reporting.. It might not be a bad thing.

- Glen
Stella2 Premium
That sucks!

Yes, it is wrong to copy complete posts and you can report it. This is an older post, but it shows how to do it and try to get Google to remove them. Good luck!
KinoZENinja Premium
That IS a great question! As long as they aren't speaking negatively abouty posts and are providing a link to my site, I'd see it as free advertising.
Whatever helps get your brand out there, ya know?
In the end I supposed it's a personal choice whether to take any action.
feigner Premium
have you tried whois to locate the owner of at least the host company - if you can find that you can ask them to take it down as a copy of your content.
there is no excuse for this - except laziness.
I hope you manage to get it sorted.
Have you checked your plugins lately? just a thought
you can find their affiliate id for wa and pm Kyle asking him to tell them to stop.
AlexMi Premium
I feel for you but to be honest I wouldn't know where to report such problem.
Whatever you decide to do, you have my support but please let us know what happens at the end.
On th bright side, your posts must be good when they are beign copied.
Best of luck
linda956 Premium
Merlynmac, has given you great advice. I agree you should contact support.
JonLake Premium
Hi Miren
Whilst I understand your frustration, the fact that they put a link to your site shows a level of respect for you. There are huge websites online that simply curate other peoples content giving a link back to the authors website.
For instance here at WA we are allowed to use others posts by clicking the button marked Affiliate (top right, above the actual post). This adds your WA affiliate link to the post so that when the link is shared and people visit the blog post, if they decide to join WA the referral goes to the affiliate not the author of the post!
This is actually a very good way to get referrals!!
So , whilst I understand your frustration it is just part of the world of internet marketing!
If they were not including your link then that would be a different story.
Hope that helps
BrianCh Premium
Including the link is a bit of a back-handed compliment. I don't know that I would say that this "shows a level of respect". It sounds more like, "I'm using your material and here's a thank you!"
JonLake Premium
I am not saying I agree with it, but it is a fact of life here in the huge internet world.
Personally, I would only be concerned if the other site was ranking higher than mine. Other than that, there are far bigger things to deal with when on the journey to a successful online business.
NWTDennis Premium
Yes we are allowed to "share" WA content, but we are not allowed to "duplicate" it on our website. Duplicating content from any source (WA or another website) could lead to Google penalities up to and including getting your site shut down.
JamesJB Premium
Yes, I would be mad if that happened to me. Contact Google and inform it of the situation. It's weird how they have no details about themselves on their site.
merlynmac Premium
Ugh. I know that I can share someones WA blog posts and when do it uses my sharing link but to create a site and copy your content..that's not cool. I'd definitely notify support and/or Kyle and Carson. If you provide the links their sharing they can identify who the WA user is as it will contain their unique code.
NWTDennis Premium
You are assuming it's a WA member. I want to believe it is not.
merlynmac Premium
This line "I noticed that they are promoting Wealthy Affiliate as well but they are using my content to post their affiliate links." is why I assumed that. I read it as post their WA affiliate link. Let's hope it's not. I hate to think we have that type of person in our ranks.