Looking for ways how to increase productivity?

Last Update: August 03, 2016

This simple tip will help you a lot to find out how to increase productivity in wealthyaffiliate.

We are all very busy nowadays with our lives, often working and learning, learning how to become an entrepreneur for example. It can be really difficult to mange our time properly. With help comes this simple trick.


Here is what I do to increase number of things I can tick off on my to do list.

I have my working on the computer sessions planned, but before I start the session I have already a mini plan in place, this mini plan is three to five task written down on a folded in half sticky note paper. I always carry them with me so I can write more tasks for my next session.

Examples of things I have written down for today's sessions are:

--- write new blog for WA

--- work 5 min on gg

--- work on mmr draft

--- ask question about header image

--- offer feedback

--- question to Patrick

--- review last feedback

--- check bank account

Not all of them are related to wealthyaffiliate but you get the idea.

They really help to organize the work that needs to get done on a given day.

Do not wait and grab your sticky note paper now and start writing your first list of tasks that needs to get done today.

To your success!

Believe in yourself!

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GudSpirit29 Premium
Think this is what I'm missing. Thanks Minitrio!
minitrio Premium
You very welcome. :)
Make it your habit :)
Swangirl Premium
Yes, it feels so good to cross things off the list!
minitrio Premium
Thats true Swangirl :)
MPollock Premium
I make lists and check off like Jude.
minitrio Premium
Great! Keep at it :)
stevecox Premium
Agree with Jude, nice recommendations !

minitrio Premium
Thank you Steve. :)
stevecox Premium
My pleasure my friend !
JudeP Premium
I like writing lists - there's something satisfying about ticking items off :)
minitrio Premium
Thats true Jude, there is :)