The Law of Attraction and Personal Power

Last Update: February 27, 2016

True POWER is often interpreted as "changing something in the world", maybe to be more wealthy with money, to be more fit and healthy, or to be more faithful and spiritual are good examples. And it is possible to do these things, because the LAW of ATTRACTION states if we focus on what we want, and think positive, align with positive people etc, it will help.

Unfortunately the LAW of ATTRACTION takes no account whatsoever of RESISTANCE. This is an unseen force that has a heavy foot on the brake, at the same time the other foot is desperately trying to pump the accelerator.

We carefully hide the brake foot from our attention, so that the end result becomes,


I bring this up here because it is possible to detect this in our efforts here, simply because they are so specific in goal direction, there is little interference from anything else we do.

And we ALL probably have asked this question, at some point.

Instead of trying to change what is without, by pressing harder on the go button, sometimes it is helpful to look at the other hand, pressing STOP. Remember the stop button will not be conscious, unless it is called up, like in a poker hand. Simply ask within, in all honesty, what AM I afraid to give up, release, forgive, risk, allow, or become.

Then simply say;

I don't want to do this / believe this / allow this ANYMORE.

When light is shone directly at fear, it melts away. Otherwise it remains protected, and sabotages progress. There is no other way.

This is where real change begins. This is the beginning of your road to PERSONAL POWER.


Blessings to you all...

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Buddle Premium
Thank you, Eddie.
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Thank you for the reminder
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The power flows through us. :)
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A great post. The power is within us.
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LOVE the picture