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Last Update: Nov 24, 2018

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I joined Wealthy Affiliate last July and went premium after a month. Established my website and learned a lot from the training, live webinars and from the community.

But I think it's a struggle to keep up with the billing and stuff...

so I decided to...

take the Black Friday Sale and went YEARLY!!

So I quit from monthly and went to Yearly Membership!

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My heart sank! How would you just QUIT! I paused for a moment to recoup my energy to continue reading ...then Bum! There you are! Eureka! You ain't gonna quit anyway!

I think if I quit--- I'll come again in no time.
I don't think I would be able to find something like WA--
I'm not talking about the training, (well, they're the best) but what I am talking about is the community.

I saw from your profile that you joined last August, did grab the Deal as well?

Thanks Ibrahim!

Well done. You had me fooled for a minute. Jim

Well... that's my intent ;)
Kidding aside... thanks for dropping by Jim!

I'm getting ready to also go yearly...

For me-- I already knew from the start that I will go for yearly eventually.
So I was planning to do it last month, but then I read something about the Black Friday Deal, so I waited...
And... GO FOR IT!

Hope you do too!

How exciting ! Good for you !

Thanks Scarlett and Elaine.
I'm excited too! Yay!!

That a different take on things Mina, just shifting up a gear or two.

Best wishes for the coming year.


Yup! You got that right Alex.
And it's kind of on the right timing-- 2018 will soon end.

New Year.... New Beginning.

You almost give me a heart attack but congratulation Kim. :)


Hahaha! Gotcha!
I won't quit... with those tips and help you're giving?? Nah--

Thanks Joe!

I know you won't. But you caught me spot on. :)

Well done glad you are not actually quitting. Great eye catching heading. Cass

Well--- I don't usually blog here in WA, coz I'm busy.
If ever I have a chance to write, I write for my site--

So.. A catchy title won't be a bad idea I think =)

Lol you will have given alot of people a fright and lots of people would have been ready to tell you noooooooo.


Thanks Talcob!
I'm a quiet member WA---

So a catchy title will do some twist.
Anyway, hope it will start a new a beginning for me.

You had me worried there for a minute! Congrats on getting aboard the Black Friday Train!

Thanks Dave!
Yep, getting aboard on Train to Success, with fellow WAers!

My heart stopped then- How amazing- well done

I don't usually write a WA Blog--
So I thought of adding a twist =)

Anyway, thanks Vicki!
And I really like post about the Rose's Thorns

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