How To Succeed With Online Marketing The Easy Way

Last Update: March 13, 2018

The hardest thing for me to remember each day is to forget selling and start helping. But the fact is — I know How to Succeed With Online Marketing the easy way. My success online and off always comes when I forget my self, and concentrate on helping other people.

It's easy to think it's just not happening fast enough and I need to make money. But when I forget that my job and success comes from helping people online, no one helps me make a sale.

Helping my readers succeed online is my success.

The fact is that without truly giving visitors value and helping them solve their problems — people quickly move off my post. It didn't take them but a moment to see that I was just looking for a quick buck.

They landed on my website from a search page with my meta description assuring them I had the information they were looking for?

Some stranger clicked on my post to solve their own problem — not mine.

My readers are depending on me to answer their questions and solve their problems.

And why would they be interested in buying something from me if I hadn't taken the time to help them out?

I know that's true, not because I read it somewhere, but because I spend much of my own time searching and researching online. Like everyone searching online, I go through the SERPs and click a post that promises what I'm looking for at the moment.

I bet you do the same thing? And I bet that you notice right away whether the post is delivering value to you, or just someone trying to lead you to an affiliate page?

Successful online marketing is delivering value driven content

So it gets down to the idea that no matter what your own niche is, you simply cannot afford to forget that your first priority is problem solving. Keeping your mind on how you can solve a problem with your content keeps you delivering value centered content.

One of the best methods I've found to remember my first priority is not marketing, but helping people solve problems is this: I take note of all the post I search through each day for my own research. I see which ones I will return to, and which ones simply wasted my time.

First page results mean nothing if it wasted my time

There's plenty of website articles that make it to the top of the search results with marketing techniques — but they didn't help me at all? I know who they are and I won't be returning.

That's how I know what my own visitors expect when they land on my website pages.

I simply can't forget that success with online marketing comes primarily from how well I remember my first priority:

Above all, serve others. Ask yourself each day how you can bring the most value, to the most people, in the shortest amount of time.

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Memorylaneuk Premium
Well said and something we all need to remember when we are writing our posts.
Thanks for sharing.
With Grace and Gratitude
JerryMcCoy Premium
That is what we are asked to do everyday. At times it can be overwhelming but with faith hardwork and persistence we can prevail.
Great Post.
MikeMahaffey Premium
Thanks Jerry
In my old age I'm learing that life is just a lot better when I'm thinking of someone elses needs before my own.
Fitlife7483 Premium
So true, if I go to a page that is just a ton of advertising I leave, I don't even read the article I went there for. I also don't like the sites with tons of pop ups.
Most people don't have the time to be bothered with all the extra crud on websites...clean and neat is what I like.

Thanks for sharing this
MikeMahaffey Premium
Me too! I was just on a page that had so much advertising I could never find the post?
Kylle Premium
This was awesome and refreshing.
Thanks Mike
MikeMahaffey Premium
Thanks Kylle :)
wendyg53 Premium
It's true, when I'm researching and I see a page that's full of ads and clearly written to sell - I won't click on any of their links. Great post and reminder that we are helping people first and foremost.
MikeMahaffey Premium
It's easy for me to get caught up in writing quotas and keyword research and da, da, da, and forget that if I'm not helping someone find what they came online for, I wasted my time anyway?