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Like everyone else, I read in this thread on a fairly regular basis about people leaving comments that can't live up to their standards — and that certainly happens. However, I would like to thank every single one of you who comment on one of my post! I am generally amazed that you could even make good sense out what I write, much less figure out how to say something about it?Because I need your comments on my post, I read what you write and do my best to write something at least semi-in
The hardest thing for me to remember each day is to forget selling and start helping. But the fact is — I know How to Succeed With Online Marketing the easy way. My success online and off always comes when I forget my self, and concentrate on helping other people.It's easy to think it's just not happening fast enough and I need to make money. But when I forget that my job and success comes from helping people online, no one helps me make a sale. Helping my readers succeed online is my su
March 09, 2018
I have rarely used site content, because I have had a lot of problems with it. Now I know it just didn't like my Vivaldi browser, which I do like.Using Chrome and SiteContent today every thing worked much better. After publishing the post I went in the wp editor to resize the images and noticed they aren't hosted on my website. Somebody tell me:If I did something wrongIs it better to have them hosted off my blog
When I retired, I knew right away that I wanted something to occupy my time, make money, and keep me mentally sharp. I had no idea that as a senior citizen I would wind up with all of that and no job. Instead of filling out job applications for seniors, I started my own successful online business, thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.Even though like a lot of seniors, I didn't know much about computers, I was spending a lot of time on the web after I retired. It didn't take long to notice the ads for o
Sometimes you want your home page to be for establishing your identity and explaining to visitors just what your website blog is about. Other times webmasters like to show their readers a list of blogs with short excerpts of each. But you can have one home page, so that leaves you with a blog roll page. Or does it?How To Add A Blog To Your WebsiteHaving a great home page and a blog roll page is not only possible, but easy when you know how. Here's the six steps to adding a blog to your website:
Having a system in place to churn out keywords and blog post written around them makes content marketing much easier and more productive.How To Write Blog Post More Efficiently 1. First I need Keywords This is the hardest part for me, because I hate kw research and love to write blog post.But because I must, I spend a day doing nothing but searching for keywords to write to. Searching through keyword tools, answer the public, Ubersuggest, forums, Wealthy Affiliate, and the web at large to find
I don't know about you, but affiliate marketing is a term I never heard of, or used, prior to my own use of the internet. In fact, before my first internet connection, I thought a niche was a crevice or a recess in a wall?It didn't take me long to realize that there was money in my computer and I wanted to get it out of there. All I needed was someone to teach and train me how to use online marketing to make money with my computerWhere To Learn Affiliate MarketingMy searches were begining to re
How do you write a blog post when you don't feel like you are qualified to help people online?Online marketing, especially when learning affiliate marketing at Wealthy Affiliate, can also be called content marketing. That's because we write and publish an awful lot of content onto the web in an effort to market our website, and help people solve problems.The problem most of us have is that we're not really experts in our niche when we start writing. But as content marketers it's imperative that
If you're serious about making money online — you'll need to buy a domain name. And nothing could be simpler when you buy domain names at Wealthy Affiliate, where you've come to expect the best of everything.You have enough to learn and do to make your business successful, so why fool with complicated domain registrars and their websites? Here's how it works at most Domain RegistrarsExpect websites that are notoriously technical, complicated, and seem to have no end. When you've settled
Even though that could be a inept title for this post, I want to share how I find many answers to many questions when it comes to WordPress, Internet Marketing, Wealthy Affiliate, and even how long to bake a cake.Without a doubt we have the most congenial, informative, and helpful bunch of people in the world right here at WA.But sometimes there is no one on the chat board who knows the answer to my question. What to do then? Keep posting the question over and over, until someone finally respon