What Is The One Thing That Has You Stuck?

Last Update: October 12, 2018

Hello W.A. World !

No, I didn't just post this so that I can utilize one of those hyper corny "hands all in" images.... That's just a bonus ! LOL

I thought it might be interesting and helpful if I asked what the Biggest thing that is causing you problems is right now!

What is the number one thing that is giving you problems or has you stuck?

I'm sure we all have a laundry list of issues that we are working on right now. After all learning is the most essential step in growth!

But what I'm asking is what is the one biggest thing that you are having trouble with? Not the list.

My thought process is that if we have some great input here multiple people may get benefit from this one post! After all if your number one issue is choosing a niche, there may be 200 people who are having the same problem that can get the same advice!

The question forum is the best individual concept, but I thought this might spur some interesting discussion and get a nice over all list of the types of issues people see!

The platform here at W.A. is ridiculously informative, but there are some who are beginning and who are maybe a bit overwhelmed and might get some value from this ! Heck if one person gets past being stuck, isn't it worth it? Every question has an answer after all !

If the problem that you are having is already listed, comment your problem anyway, that way anyone who chimes in with help can see that multiple people have the same issue .

I may not be able to answer all the questions. In fact, I'll guarantee that I can't! So everyone who wants to chime in!

We can have fun and help some folks all at the same time !

Best of success!


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DeborahClark Premium
Good idea.
Its bound to help and reading the questions and answers adds to our knowledge.
sukumarth Premium
Social media marketing. But that's mainly because I have not been doing it earnestly. And I have not been doing it earnestly because I honestly don't know know how to execute the strategies effectively. What I'm doing now is nothing better than what they call the "spaghetti marketing" - throwing spaghetti on the wall to see if it sticks :)
MikeC69 Premium
The social media stuff takes some time!
In will tell you that from what I have seen Facebook doesn't play well with bloggers and marketers unless you are doing paid ads.

I would suggest that you request to join every group in your niche that you can find.
Then start posting on the groups and commenting on other member's posts. Don't advertise at all.
The more you engage and build a relationship, the more receptive people become.
Go through these groups and send friend requests to 10-20 members per day.
Create a Facebook page for your business and invite all your friends to like it. After you get 500-1000 likes, start a Facebook group.
Post all your content to your Facebook Page, and your Group.

Google content marketing for Instagram and Pinterest as well and you can get some really good stuff there as well!

Keep working on it, it takes time! Just make sure you engage often if you are using social media to promote your stuff.
Best of success to you!
sukumarth Premium
Thanks for the reply, Mike. I would like to believe that I have been doing pretty much the same thing - joining FB groups, connecting with like-minded people, following them (and their pages), following people on Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. I'm not in a hurry and I understand that it'll take time. This is one area that I know will need more than what I'm doing. But I'm in the growing up phase and I have deferred social media marketing for the time being. I'll be doing it optimally sometime in the future when my blog grows in terms of the content volume. Best success to you too!
ellford Premium
The thing that has me stuck is making my first sale. I've got a pile of content on my site (all product reviews for my niche), but I'm not generating a single sale. Yet everyone says my reviews are some of the best they've ever read - odd?
MikeC69 Premium
@AdelCheffi I just looked at your site and strangely enough, I just bought a set of head phones. If I had seen this 2 days ago you would have gotten your first sale!
One thing I saw was that your archived content went back to April.
One of my sites started getting decent traffic at 6 months and the other site just started last week with a good bump.
Yur reviews that I looked over looked well done!
Keep up the work and you will start seeing success! You are not far from starting to get rolling.

EricaCrystal Premium
Have a look at Pinterest. It’s great for generating traffic, especially in the early stages of your site, before you start getting much organic traffic. I’ve finally made my first sales this way:)
Willboy Premium
I read the lesson over and over. I donot want make a major mistake. I almost finish lesson 2. Also finished my first blog of 1200 words, but still not published for the same reason of making a mistake. I guess I am to cautions or perfectionist.
MikeC69 Premium
Don't try to be perfect! You will be paralyzed by it because none of us make perfect content. Especially not in the beginning!
Some of my early content is down right embarrassing now!
I go back and freshen one up and try to make it better per week.

Get your thoughts down, proof read, spell check and publish.
You will get better and better and grow in confidence as you go! I promise!

Don't be afraid to fail. Some of the best things I have learned was on the heels of failure, and still do it all the time!
There is nothing you can do that is terminal.
If you mess up , you have the best platform right here to get help to fix it!

Best of success to you!
silverwings Premium
I had this problem in the very beginning. You learn a lot from your mistakes. Just DO IT! It's all mostly fixable if you do make a mistake!
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Mike.