I Overlooked Something Simple Yet Very Important!

Last Update: November 15, 2018

I was hesitant to share this, because it's kind of embarrassing!

I decided to bring this up because there may be others who have done the same thing and you may benefit from my boo boo ! I don't wish anything bad for anyone, but I hope at least one person has done this, so I can stop feeling like an idiot.....or at least a lonely idiot! LOL

I went to the spelling bee and missed my ABCs!

Have you ever heard the old saying that you can't see the forest for the trees? That is what I most equate this blunder I'm about to share with you to!

I have been concentrating really hard on my two functioning websites! (One is in limbo)

My content planning has been going great, and the flow of content has been steady and really quick at times.

I have worked on several new themes and still haven't got the one going that I'm going to be using. That is going to start Saturday. (Paralysis by analysis! ) Everything has been going pretty well over all!

I have chosen to keep the main thing the main thing for now and that is content. I' have been sprinkling in other tasks along the way. I now have over 140 completed posts and have 4 scheduled for this coming week.

So what's wrong you ask?

I had a visitor to my website join Wealthy Affiliate and while looking into the analytics I discovered something that made my jaw hit the desk!

I wanted to see what posts were getting the most traffic etc and discovered in my checking that I had 29 posts that were not indexed into google !

It isn't like all these posts were of the new variety either! Some were over 4 months old !

I spent several days requesting indexing because I didn't want to do them all at once and make Google look at me like the IRS looks at Willy Nelson!

Of those 29 posts, 21 have now been indexed and the others have just been requested.

How Could I miss such an Elementary point?

I have been hammering the content and working on my lead magnet and just assumed..... I know it makes an A** of U and ME !

I had zero issues with indexing from the start and didn't think a lot of it! I have 27 posts in the top 5 of search results and hadn't been checking them all. Now I just wonder how much traffic I missed out on because these posts were just laying on the shelf for months!

I have now made a mind map (My new obsession) of my posting plans so that I don't miss anymore basic things!

It just goes to show that mistakes can get ya if you don't pay attention and use your plans !

Has anyone else had such an issue! Someone please lie and say yes! LOL

Please be gentle ! LOL

Have a great day, and the very best of success to you!


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Mitchguy Premium
Hey Mike,
Thanks for sharing, it serves as a reminder to all of us to be methodical in our approach. It is so easy to miss a step or as you say, make an assumption along the way that ends up ``costing us``.
I am working on content as well and I know that when I get back to training and then reviewing what I have done... something will pop up that I should have been doing all along (or worst yet that I know I should be doing but forgot about it).
Keep going, sounds like you are building a good thing. Imagine where you`ll be headed when all those posts get indexed!!!
MikeC69 Premium
Thanks Bud!
I'm not nearly as worried about it now as I would be when I get to the end of my five year plan on that site!
Can you imagine what a fiasco it would be if that 29 posts were 1000?
Best of success to you!
Mitchguy Premium
True enough. :)

The good thing is that it`s never too late to make adjustments and tweaks in the online world. But definitely better sooner than later.

I`m amazed at how much just one post being indexed changes your performance stats in Google.
BenjisDad Premium Plus
New content falls in and out of index constantly. It's the Google dance. I wouldn't worry to much about it.
shelley8492 Premium
It's always good when we learn from our mistakes. You will remember next time you post!
MontanaTeal Premium
I have had an issue with my site for the past little while. Anything I have posted since October 12 keeps getting this message. I have NO idea how to fix it.

Hope you get yours all sorted out quick!
MikeC69 Premium
Have you messaged site support about that?
I drove them crazy for a while! LOL
Not as much now , but I'll still fire a question in a heartbeat.
Best of success !
LCEndahl Premium
I was getting the 'redirected' notice. I figured it out. I had put http instead of https, so google was having to redirect every one of my pages. I added the correct url, went through requesting it again and no more 'redirect'.

Hope this helps,
Swangirl Premium
Your site security can expire on WA and you need to check the box to turn it back on sometimes. If your site has reverted to http instead of https I think that can cause the error you are getting. Does your site say http or https now?

If it is http, go to your list of Websites on WA. Click Details for the website in question. Look down the list at the SSL section and see if On or Off is checked. If it is Off, just check On.
VictorF22 Premium
Thank you for sharing. I will keep this in mind :)
MikeC69 Premium
It's kind of hard to get a post ranked if Google doesn't know it exists!
Best of success to you!