Podcasting is so HOT right now. Here's why

Last Update: May 31, 2020

You see that picture above? Podcasting is super hot right now because you're podcast DOES NOT need to look anything like that!

Here's what my podcast looks like...

Here are some epic reasons why podcasting is something you should seriously consider:

  • You probably already create content online (just read it and you have a podcast... if you have YouTube just use the audio)
  • You do not need to spend a penny to start a podcast
  • Podcast is sooooooo undervalued and under-used right now (especially comapred to blogging or YouTube)

I have created a lot of content around this exact topic recently so I don't want to just repeat myself everywhere.

But here are some mind blowing stats that make you go... hmmm:

Now, you may be thinking... yeah but that's because everyone watches YouTube and Googles stuff.

Well, you are not wrong. But when you combine that with this chart, it may get your entrepreneurial spidey senses tingling...

Isn't it expensive, really hard to edit, record and publish content?


Here is my personal tool cheatsheet that I use to do it all... it can be done for FREE amigo...


FREE version- use your phone headphones (they often have a microphone... it's better than your laptop mic!)

Don’t buy a stupid expensive one but get one that you know will help!...
ATR-2100 is what gets recommended all the time:
Just the microphone​ $79
Microphone with pop filter​ (stops the “P” noise being really loud) stand (defo needed) andheadphones (any headphones will do) $89

How to record:

FREE- Audacity is free and awesome, if you do an interview you can record for free on Zoom or Skype
I use Ecamm recorder​ for Mac users on Skype $39.95 (one time lifetime fee- records better quality on skype + video.... *cough great to repurpose content for YouTube too!*)

Software to edit:

Audacity​ (this one’s easy it’s free and awesome!)

Levelator​ (FREE! make sure the loudness is equal... drag the audio file in and it works its magic)

Auphonic (epic at making your podcast sound super pro-- it can even quiten music whilst you talk and gets rid of any background noises etc... just drag and drop files into there... 2 hours free a month)


FREE- Red Circle- new innovative and unlimted for free (I will change to this in Jan when my hosting year runs out with Podbean)

Podbean​ (cheapest and best unlimited plan before Red Circle $110 for the year and unlimited upload plan)
Lisbyn- don't bother​ ($5/ Month for 50Mb [one of my podcasts averages around 45Mb!]... or $15/ Monthfor 250Mb)

There are others I don't recommend too.

But why? It sounds like effort, What's in it for me?

You probably know that the people that have a unique edge or a way to stand out do the best online. If everyone at WA just tried to copy each other it wouldn't work. That's why it's recommended to choose your own niche, find your own affiliate opportunities and build great content that people love!

I thought a podcast would be a lot of work before I started it.

It really isn't.

If anything it's way easier than writing reviews and articles.

Making money from a podcast

You can't track things as well as YouTube and your website (like affiliate clicks etc.) but you create a real brand and build real meaningful relationships way more than on any other platform. You can also use show notes with affiliate links, the episode description with affiliate links and genuinely really help people.

Oh and you can get sponsors for your podcast. Check out how I made money from some random person messaging me to pay me!

Tons of small businesses or products would be happy to pay you $30-$1,000's per episode (it's very possible for brand new podcasts to get $100+ per month from a small business)

Wanna see why?

Guess how long people watch YouTube for?...

Some of the best YouTube channels get a 50-60% view duration (and often just a few minutes)...

Research by Uhuru

But how long do people listen to podcasts for?

The average length for ALL podcasts is 43 minutes... and 80% of people listen to almost all the episodes...

Check out the full epic infographic at Musicoomph

So there's only one question left...

When are you starting your podcast? What's holding you back if you haven't started yet?

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    Wingrunner Premium
    Hi, Mike, I always thought podcasting done well was a job left for the "big people," with the right equipment and connections and, and, ... You've made it sound so simple that it actually seems possible for anybody to do it, with no prior experience. It must be fun, as you seem to be really enjoying it yourself. Thanks for sharing this. I'll be back later to continue reading -- this is on the short list. Right now, we have a hurricane fixing to hit in approximately 2 hours, so I'd better batten down all the proverbial hatches.

    mikebeatty Premium
    Oh wow I hope you’re ok has it passed, where are you?
    BrendaMZ Premium
    Where is the dislike button? Sorry no offense to you hearinng people. Podcasting benefits people who can hear. That’s great , yes, it’s very popular but sad 😞 for me, it has no benefits for me since I can’t hear. I am Deaf. Nor could a I create one would need to hire a person to voice it for me. I have seen some bloggers who podcast do provide .pdf transcripts for people with a hearing loss. Mike, would you consider having your podcasts transcribed into .pdf format making it inclusive for Deaf people? Or anyone who does it to make money for the business should encourage accessibility for those who can’t hear.
    mikebeatty Premium
    Sorry about that Branda, I really did not mean any offence. All of my podcasts have been transcribed into transcripts and are on the show notes. Otter.ai used to do this for free but now costs about $10 a month (I should have added that to the list above!)

    People can simply upload an audio file and the AI transcribes it pretty well! More and more people are transcribing podcasts too
    TracyWA Premium
    I am having such a hard time convincing myself that doing video or podcasts isn't going to kill me. : )

    It's so much easier for me to write stuff. But I know that lots of people would rather listen to someone talk than sit down and read. So maybe it's time.

    Thanks for the great info, and the pep talk. : )
    mikebeatty Premium
    What niche is your website Tracy?
    TracyWA Premium
    Permaculture - with a strong leaning toward gardening, but also about permaculture and sustainable living in general.
    mikebeatty Premium
    Awesome, I’ve seen there are gardening podcasts around but hardly any compared to websites.

    (i copied this from my comment below but it's valid)...

    There are legit podcasts in the space, which is a great sign that it works and people want it... but you would only be competing with a handful of others rather than millions of websites!


    Listen to a few of them and see if any of them mention sponsors. You can reach out to those sponsors and see if they are interested. Sweeten the deal with promotion on your website, email list, social media etc. and you'll be amazed at how a brand new podcast can generate dollar!

    ... if you already create content on your blog all you need to do is read it. That’s a podcast and it’s really not scary once you’ve done it twice, I promise!
    TracyWA Premium
    Hhhmmm . . . just read my website posts, record it, and that's a podcast? I think I could actually do that. : )

    Thanks again! I'll go see if I can find some of those gardening podcasts and have a listen.
    mikebeatty Premium
    Yep well that is really all a podcast is!

    There are tons of other ways you can do it (interviews, Q&A's, roundtables, just a chat) but at least that gives you ongoing content (that you do already) that people will be looking for. Let me know if you have any other questions about it
    Cali Premium Plus
    How cool, I was thinking this very thing back in December when I was hoteling it for a day job. I got Focusrite audio interface, free Ableton 10 live light, and blame, I am recording. I already have microphones and I carry two with me in my guitar pedal case so I can play guitar and sing at same time using headphones.

    I do live audio up until COVID so I always carry headphones, however, I picked up a new set for 30 bucks. So I have backups, I wanted to keep the one kit as it was and have headphones with my mobile recording rig.

    I have ideas I wrote down, now to research and get this new plan into actions. Seeing this post just speaks so loudly to me, great timing MIke.
    mikebeatty Premium
    Amazing! Is it all music focused then? What kind of music is it?
    Cali Premium Plus
    It is not all music, I thought of starting a podcast to help move forward in online income and impact. However I do have music background in that I work in live music. Now I want to change that mainly due to how things are now, and to create a way to work online in a field I like working in.

    Now I am just getting past the tech tard problem. Lol.
    mikebeatty Premium
    Haha! Well, there are plenty of music-based podcasts. Maybe you could combine your music with some music tips for musically tarded people (like me!) ;)
    Cali Premium Plus
    Thats a good idea. :)
    Nicole222 Premium

    Thanks much, this is really inspiring. I moved in early February and some days it feels like my neighbours are in my apartment:-). Whenever I think of a Podcasting, I get stuck with the surround sound challenges.

    I'll bookmark - I trust something will emerge to assist.

    Really appreciated.
    mikebeatty Premium
    Honestly even with those tools I listed you can make it sound very good without spending hours editing it... there’s other good tips like using “soft” items close to the mic (cushions towels or clothes)

    Have you thought about starting one then?