Get Rich Quick Exists: But "Get Rich Easy" is the Devil.

Last Update: February 12, 2020

So I heard someone say this the other day...

Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick scheme.

Well, people's stories like this may suggest otherwise...

Making over 1 million dollars within 10 years is certainly not slow in my eyes.

And making $100k in a week is pretty quick to me!

The issue is, people mistake "get rich quick" with "get rich easy".

Get rich quick does exist when you drive the right vehicle but get rich easy NEVER exists. And some people claim that it does.

What are you chatting about Willis?

So let's start by being totally transparent here.

This whole blog today has been inspired by the book I'm reading for the 5th time called "Millionaire Faslane" by MJ De Marco.

Whenever I am second guessing myself about some of the choices I'm making in life I seek the support from mentors that thave been there got the T-shirt.

MJ is my go to mentor and I never pay him thousands of dollars an hour... I read his books!

What vehicle are you driving?

The whole point of the book is that the majority of people choose the "wrong path to wealth" thinking that it's going to make them happy and that it's the only way.

He lays out the 3 different paths you can take...


Odds of winning: 1 in 6 million; $10 million Tomorrow

The “Sidewalker” has no financial plan.

They spend as much money as they can on new gadgets, a new car or trip to make themselves "feel rich".

Their core belief is they need to use time and money right now as they don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

They will gamble and buy lottery tickets in the hope it brings them the big bucks!


Odds of winning: 1 in 6; $500k in 40 years

The “Slowlaner” lives by the motto a penny saved is a penny earnt. They live below their means and invest in their 401k believing that it's their wealth machine.

They believe their job is their sole source of income.

The issue here is:

  • They trade 5 days for 2 days for 50 years
  • They may never get their hands on this money due to crashes (financial or in life)
  • The money they get won't be worth as much due to inflation and taxes

Their sole focus is on getting paid more by their job, but they have no real say about how much they can or can't get paid, no matter how hard they work.


Chance of winning: 1 in 7; $10 million in 5-10 years

The “Fastlaner” knows about another way.

A way where the more they help others, the richer they become in time, money and personal fulfilment.

They don’t have to wait 50 years to start living this life, it can be in 5 or 7 years time.

The thing is... it isn't easy.

They will fail more times than they can count and will likely be rediculed by their slowlane friends and family, who are peacefully sittting in traffic trading their time 5 days for 2 (but getting more and more frustated until they explode with road rage).

But the rewards from hard work means they can benefit from this whilst they are still young and make an impact on their loved ones lives whilst they are still alive. And it's not just a stab in the dark, they take consistent intentional action to ge there.

The devil is "get rich easy"

So many people get caught up in the "event" of these successful people.

All they hear about is how they're living their life and think...

"They must be lucky"


"They probably have rich parents"


"They obviously don't have kids"

If you're still looking for a way to make it through something easy, it's probably not the path to the destination you want to go.

Everyone has challenges, but the ones that drive on the fastlane are the ones who can actually live on their rewards whilst they can still enjoy them.

P.S. The whole point of the Make Time Online podcast is to show people the process and struggles fastlaners go through. It's not the final event that's important but the daily process they take to get there.

What path are you on?

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AllanDeBlase Premium

Great article! Even if you take the slow lane you are doing more than 70%of the population.

I've always advocated owning some sort of business or creating income that is reported on a 1099 or a Schedule C.

All politicians running for office talk about JOBS. There is nothing wrong with a job,but clinging to it for security along with debt are the 2 things that will keep you in bondage.

mikebeatty Premium
Too true Allan! And yeah not even that many people are on the slowlane.

It does annoy me when these gurus (cough... like Dave Ramsey) claim that you just live below your means and don't get any debt to live a great life. When he's using the fastlane of business and books and branding to make his life the way it is.

So many people cling to this idea as their way to live however they want but they'll only get there when they are 70+
AllanDeBlase Premium
I'm a disciple of most of Dave Ramsey's principles.

I'm NOT a follower of his overpriced seminars.

Same is true with Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, etc.

mikebeatty Premium
Yeah Dave's get out of debt stuff is great. But then his use stops.

Robert Kiyosaki at least educates a roundness about financial education (4 asset classes, the quadrant and the importance of business/ fastlane approach) and Tony Robbins is the motivation man!

His book unshakeable is great to understand more about the markets.

At least they are all people that help to educate more about finances, which the world needs so much!
LenkaSophie Premium
Awesome post, Mike! I didn't need more motivation but if I didn, I'm sure your post would shoot me to the moon :)
My newest website that I have the biggest expectations from is only 6 weeks old but I still think I am in the fast lane. Working hard on that.
mikebeatty Premium
Amazing Lenka! What’s your new website about?
LenkaSophie Premium
Beauty - nutrition for skin and hair, anti-aging tips etc.
It is a website I built up based on my passion and wo other websites, this is the one I somehow feel proud of.
mikebeatty Premium
AMAZING! Have you heard of Farmasi before? I think it could fit nicely...

Let me know what you think as I know a "blogger" who does very well from them and she's super helpful if you want me to connect you
LenkaSophie Premium
Thanks for the tip, Mike! Never heard of it but I'm gonna look into it right now. I'll let you know!
mikebeatty Premium
No probs hope it can help
LenkaSophie Premium
Just read it, I believe they have good quality products but I have prejudice to MLM :) I was doing Herbalife full throttle for 3 years and don't want to connect my name with any brand anymore.
But your review is great!
mikebeatty Premium
Yeah I know exactly what you mean. It’s not really like any MLM I’ve ever reviewed though, it completely stands out (no monthly fees and affordable products, I couldn’t believe it when I saw it)
Hey @LenkaSophie,

I know you are into affiliates already but you should definitely have the best knowledge of what you are promoting. For instance, Farmasi is a good opportunity to start with but does it worthy of it?

read the whole & unbiased review of Farmasi here--- farmasi reviews
mikebeatty Premium
Hey Lauren, thanks for your thoughts, do you promote Farmasi yourself?
jmj45tech Premium

You hit the nail dead on the head with this one. we really do have a tendency to seek for easier ways for financial gain when the truth of the matter is "It Ain't Never Easy".

Thank you for this outstanding truth about earning wealth by working for it.

Blessings To You My Friend,
mikebeatty Premium
100% Jerry!

It's always a clear sign that something is not worth it or will not have the rewards you want.

If it's too good to be true, it probably is!
megawinner Premium
Rich quick and rich easy are like twins, for example, Lotto winner or the big prize winner at the talent show, sudden news you got a multimillion $ inheritance, etc. Both of them are at risk of being taken wrongly by the beneficiary. Easy come easy go. Others were naive they lost it all from conmen abounding in every corner. So from now on, we should know how to keep them well and thrive from it in a positive way. The best way is a big chunk of it maybe secretly be given by you personally to real needy people, not to charity organizations! Most of them, they use your money...
mikebeatty Premium
It's true... but often the ones that win a talent show have put in years of practice and it's the gradual process that comes to an event.

Thanks for the input!
janetng Premium
Hi! Thank you for sharing. We are in the “Fastlaner” path if we have chosen WA to help ourselves to start our online business! If “Fastlaner” path is not for you, mean you have come to the wrong family
mikebeatty Premium
Very true Janet. Although some people may think that starting at WA is enough.

It's really only the beginning and taking daily action to achieve the results you want is the thing that separates those that are successful on here and those that aren't