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Hey there everyone at WA read and learn the truth

It's a sad fact that most people give up on themselves and this
business waaaay to quickly.

They try a system or method out literally once, wait a few hours, and
then get angry and give up because their life didn't instantly transform
from one teeny investment into themselves!...

They lack vision- and patience.

They don't realize that everybody, yes, EVERYBODY goes through the
initial failures, setbacks and growing pains.

So ya, it may be a jagged little pill to swallow, but that elusive Patience
is required. By patience is not passive! It's very active.

It means slowing down and focusing on high impact activities. It means
consistently applying proven methods that will work, it means testing,
tweaking, learning, increasing your daily skills and smarts with the
business and opportunities that you're a part of.

It means getting seriously Good at FOCUS.

Here's one to store away in ye olde brain vault:

"Every YES must be defended by 1,000 NO's."

Get that. It's power!

You don't want to be a victim of the Paradox of Choice.

The problem isn't that there is not enough opportunities out there in the
world, the problem is that there are TOO MANY opportunities out

So when you Decide? Decide.


Stick to it...

Don't let other opportunities and offers rob you of your sanity and

One issue you come across with this is most systems seriously lack
everything you need to succeed. and don't be scamed by these companies. You can do everything they do without spending thousands of dollars. All I'm saying is really think it through and do it. I wrote up a diesel mechanic school that took me a year to write up and now i have it online for $89.95.All other schools like the one I went to charges $4.800.

Greed is good to some people but it will smack you in the face. By the way my website on the Diesel classes has been out for 2 weeks and I sold 58 classes so far.

So what I'm saying is go for it.Think it out and do it. You can sell a penny for 2 cents. If you know what i mean.

You buy a course on setting up a website, but it has nothing on how
to drive traffic to it. You then buy a course on traffic, but it doesn't
teach conversions. You buy a course on conversions, yet it teaches
you nothing on building a list and how to write email or nurture your

And on it goes!...

It has everything built into the system that you need to run a very
profitable business on your terms and schedule.

Everything from leveraging a proven system, to email, to traffic
training and lucrative done for you back-end sales...

My Diesel school is

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Patients is the key here most will take a year to a year and a half to success. Thanks for sharing

Nice post and great news on your diesel courses may it continue to grow!

Thank you

Thank you Guy

Great post and well done with your diesel courses hope it all goes well and yes WA has it all in one place

Long time ,how are you???

Fine thank you been away due to the arrival of my twin grand children, so not it is back to work work work lol ..... hope all is going well with you

Good kick butt post. Patience is a HUGE pill for many including me but required.

OH come you could make it with your looks alone. Thanks

Thank you for the compliment but looks CAN be deceiving. The photographer was excellent.

read my new Blog. I had someone say that my last Blog sticks. I gaqve it my all on this on e. dedicated to you and your very beautiful

Nice post Mike! Very true and inspiring. Never give up just keep learning through failure and success.


YOU got it Des

Great post Mike:)

Hey my one and only friend,How are you?? thank you for that

Thanks for sharing, so right!

Thank you


Thank you Sir

Good for you Mike.I myself do not like greed,there is more than enough for everyone in this world.

You have to get it while you can, Just think before you take.

Hi Mike - you may not be aware - but you are not allowed to make promotions to other members of WA. :) Beverley

We can share our words and our websites here, Beverley, it is not spam when we are sharing ideas not trying to get customers. I appreciate you sharing, Mike, very motivating. Keep on trucking! Darla

I'm Not making a promotion. I'm giving advise and for $47.00 a month I will do what I want on MY Page Thank you anyway

Maybe you can make some sense out of what she said. I don;t have time for stupid advise, She reading the laws of wealthy affiliate. Like don't correct me when i'm making a ton of money. what isx she a lawyer,Anyway Thanks for hug on that one Daria

Are you some kind of a lawyer or something. Sorry but I;m making money and i pay $47.00 a month. If I want to sell my horse on this site I will UNERSTAND

Sorry Daria Some of what I sent you should of went to the other girl

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