Duplicate Content.

Last Update: February 09, 2021

A common theme in this blog is Duplicate content

Lets see if we can through some light on how Google actually treats duplicate content.
Google’s John Mueller clarifies a misconception about duplicate content, saying it’s not a negative search ranking factor.

Before someone dives in with questions about Plagarism, that is a completley different topic., covered under copyright laws. We know it happens and if Google found your "stolen" article more attractive than the original pray, that the owner of the original doesn't hunt you down.

John Mueller goes on to say that duplicate content is normal and that Googles algorithims are built to handle it.

Responding to a question from the owner of a car parts site Mueller said it is common for other sites to have the same parts for sale and very similar content.

As an example he pointed to online shopping to quote

"A really common case for example is with ecommerce. If you have a product, and someone else is selling the same product, or within a website maybe you have a footer that you share across all of your pages and sometimes that’s a pretty big footer. Technically that’s duplicate content but we can kind of deal with that. So that shouldn’t be a problem.”

He went on to say
"Google isn’t going to interpret negative signals from crawling a product description that appears elsewhere on another retailer’s site".

How would it affect a blog site?

If entire pieces of content on a site are duplicated then Google will rank one and not show the other. Multiple copies of the same page does not send negative ranking signals.

So if you have a post on another site and you decide it would be a good fit on another of your sites Google ( if asked the question), will just show the one it thinks is the best fit.
Multiple copies of the same page does not send negative ranking signals.

You can see the video at this link.


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maxmillion18 Premium
Hi Michael. I wrote something about this exact same article last week!
And apart from our first names, our articles are very different yet were citing the same source article.
Best Regards
Mick-D Premium
Hi Michael,
I wasn't around last week. I will have a look at your post soon.
But yeah , we are working off the same article, same keywords (probably).
So while it may not be duplicated contented we have both curated it in different ways.
Thanks for taking the time to comment Michael.
JeffreyBrown Premium
I remember hearing about that not too long ago, Michael! I hope that all is going well for you this week so far!

Mick-D Premium
Hi Jeffrey,
The week is going well so far. Maybe you read Maxmillion's post. (above)?
Thanks for dropping by Jeffrey,
JeffreyBrown Premium
Yes, Michael, that might be the one!

1Rudy1 Premium
That makes sense. The point is to use your own words, not straight out copy. How would you feel if someone got credit for your work, eh?

Technical data will be duplicated, opinions are varied and personal flair colors each opinion with a different hue. Pick a hue and work from there to make it your own.

Thanks for posting this, Michael!
Mick-D Premium
Exactly Rudy.