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April 11, 2021
I was having trouble the other day getting H2 and H3 titles to display in both upper and lower case. Specifically the headlines I wanted was of a company name which is a mix of capital and lower case letters. After checking my typography settings and other styling settings I still could not resolve the issue from within the theme or other settings in the dashboard. I am not sure if it has much to do with the themes we use, I am thinking it does. If you are not getting your H1, H2 or H3, 4,5,6.
If Covid wasn't enough, and now with the worlds monetry systems undergoing a reset as part of the 4th Industrial revolution, along many other changes to the way we work and live, we can now honestly say the world has turned upside down. For the next 500 years Australia will be referred to as ‘Up Top’ instead of ‘Down Under’ due to a switch of the Earth’s north and south poles at the end of the 500-year Sloof Lirpa cycle. Discovered by Norwegian astrophysicist Sloo
The last week was pretty much a lost cause for my site. Plugin issues and had to call in the technicans to get it back up and running again. Site support is one of the many reasons Wealthy Affiliate is heads and shoulders above other Affiliate platforms. The solutions are worked through until the problem is found, even though the time differences interfere with getting through the problems.So well done site support for getting my site back up and online again.Having Trouble Coming up With New T
A few weeks back Jeffrey Brown of blog dog fame hopped into his car one freezing morning to drive over to his workplace.It was a short trip, just making top gear before arriving at his workplace then, looking at the temperture guage on the car he saw the first problem of his day. The outside temperture was minus 10, there was snow on the ground, and yet the car was overheating. He did a check of the usual suspects, perished hoses, loose connections, or rusted through welsh plugs and let the ca
I am not much of a fan of Facebook or Instagram. I use them for sure, but I find more value in the forums. Twitter is ( if you can build a following ) better than Facebook or Instagram IMHO.One of the forums I frequent is Reddit. (It costs $19.00 a mth). An article I read today shows the power of Reddit, coupled with Twitter. One group in Reddit is now so influencial they are driving up prices on some stocks at the big casino on Wall Street.The group " Wallstreetbets " have just in the last we
February 16, 2021
Writers block is a regular theme in these pages. Here are a few tips that might help those who struggle with content ideas.Much like a stand up comedian it is the opening lines that are going to make you or break you. Luckily though, unlike a stand up comedian we are not ruining the paying customers evening if we put up a dud blog post.Particulary the guy who wanted his new date to have a really good time and to continue having a good time afterwards at his placeOne I like is Inbounds Title Gen
February 09, 2021
A common theme in this blog is Duplicate content Lets see if we can through some light on how Google actually treats duplicate content. Google’s John Mueller clarifies a misconception about duplicate content, saying it’s not a negative search ranking factor.Before someone dives in with questions about Plagarism, that is a completley different topic., covered under copyright laws. We know it happens and if Google found your "stolen" article more attractive than the original pray, tha
February 08, 2021
Some people find it hard to write simple phrases using simple words. Others find it easy to do, mainly because of their work, where communication (oops), I mean speaking with, or to fellow workmates. You are cutting to the chase and speaking in a way that is easily understood. Still not everyone who talks plainly in the lunch room, writes as if they are having a conversation in the lunch room. The second they open a blank page a different attitude takes over and it is like they are in the class
January 27, 2021
Hi Waer's,Quite a few post recently from people asking what more they can do to improve their rankings / get more eyes on their content and ( again), SEO plugins.My view on SEO plugins is if it ain't broke leave it alone. If you have a mature site, changing your SEO plugin is probably not going to do much for you. In fact it might do the opposite. IMHO.I saw a lot of drama about 18months ago when a lot of people went from AIO to Yoast. These days it is Rank Math. A good plugin for sure, light,
Hi everyone,Hope this finds you all well and making good progress towards your ultimate outcomes. .As the end of the year draws to a close there are a few posts about ramping up your output to meet your end of year goals. Another post about bringing your A-game to reach your goals, and others about putting in the work to writing good blog posts and others offering encouragement. While all this is good, and we should not lose sight of our goals, I don't think we need to be so focused that we ign