Blogging And Paragraph Length For Newbies

Last Update: Feb 28, 2015


It's easy to write a blog post and not think about your paragraph length. We were taught in school that paragraphs need to be roughly 5-8 sentences, or at least I was. With blogging in the online world, it is different.

White space is a good thing! Shorter paragraphs are easier on your reader's eyes and they are likely to hang around and finish your post. It is much easier to read small chunks of material on a screen than a long, drawn out paragraph.

We all know our readers can get distracted, and we are trying to make a presentable blog that keeps their attention and makes them want more. Don't give your readers that opportunity to leave, keep your paragraphs short. 3 sentences is usually an ideal paragraph for online reading.

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Hey Michelle

I totally agree with you - 3 sentences per paragraph, and also break it up with images.

Matthew Woodward is an absolute master at this, and his blog is great too!

Thanksfor sharing


Thanks Paul, I'll take a look at that! :)

You got it girl, everything you learned about grammar, or English, forget it. LOL!

Thanks for the post:) By the way, can you take a quick look at my review of my website Michelle? Your comment will be very helpful for me:)

Sent you a PM. :)

Thanks for the great information on short paragraphs in posts and pages

Great reminder Michelle. This was one of my best learnings when I first joined WA.

You are absolutely true, Michelle. Thanks a lot.

Simple yet powerful tip. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the tip I was wondering how my paragraphs should be arranged now I know.

Hi Michelle, I always skip the blockblogposts:)

Wow, I missed this boat... Just posted my first's long and doesn't follow the rules...oh well, there is always the next blog!
Thanks for this infor.

Hi Lola. You can easily go back into your blog and make your long paragraphs shorter. It would be easier on your readers and might just hold their attention longer if you did. :)

I will .... "if at first you don't succeed....."
Thank you for the advice and support, Michelle.

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