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I just want to share my experience recently with the website owner of WP Comparison Charts. I was searching for a comparison chart plugin and his site and product appeared to be good. I paid $29 for his plugin with no worries, as he offers a "no questions asked" refund policy.I am not a "techie" person, but thought I could handle this easy enough. After hours of trying unsuccessfully to get it to work, I emailed for help. He sent a manual! The problem was that the manual doesn't explain tha
It is really easy to be get so wrapped up in writing those blogs that we just keep moving along post after post. However, if you are including affiliate links on your posts or pages, don't just assume they will continue to work for you and forget about them. You could be getting a lot of clicks on your affiliate links and then not making any sales. This exact thing just happened to someone here and they have just found out that when someone clicks on some of their Amazon links, it takes their
June 18, 2015
Just a heads up if you are in need of a domain between now and Friday at midnight (Mountain Time in the U.S.). Use code gd5656b and get 30% off your new domain purchase.
For those of us affected, remember to set your clocks ahead and spring forward tonight!
It's easy to write a blog post and not think about your paragraph length. We were taught in school that paragraphs need to be roughly 5-8 sentences, or at least I was. With blogging in the online world, it is different. White space is a good thing! Shorter paragraphs are easier on your reader's eyes and they are likely to hang around and finish your post. It is much easier to read small chunks of material on a screen than a long, drawn out paragraph. We all know our readers can get distracte
February 24, 2015
I remember setting up Akismet for my first website and it had a slider we used to move the donation amount to $0, as per instructions. This has recently changed and they are making it confusing in how you go about setting up a free account now. Recently, I am getting messages from Akismet that states that my Akismet Personal subscription is not appropriate for its current usage. They ask that I upgrade my supscription to a higher level in order to keep using it. I guess I'm starting to wonder
There are times we write our posts and get in too big of a rush to hit that publish button. I know I am guilty. Here are some friendly reminders that are easy to forget: 1. Am I providing value to my readers? 2. Is my article written for a specific, targeted audience? 3. Do I have a great title that is clear and grammatically correct? 4. Does my headline cause my readers to be curious enough to read on? 5. Did I use the words, "you" and "I" to engage my reader and make them feel like I a
December 30, 2014
I know for myself and many others, the pressure we put on ourselves to succeed can be overwhelming and lead to burn out. When you want something to work so badly, you will literally put your physical and mental health on the backburner. Working at a non-stop pace is bound to catch up to you. Ways To Avoid Burn Out: * Prioritize your tasks. Make a list and follow it. Things that can wait should be at the bottom. * Try to set work hours and make time for yourself and your family. Stick t
For many of us, writing is not something we envisioned we would be doing so much of! One of the biggest programs I faced was perfectionism. If it couldn't be perfect, by my standards, it was not worthy. So, you stare at a blank computer screen and nothing happens. The following are some ideas to get you writing again: 1.Write About Anything You Want. There are no rules or restrictions, write about whatever you choose. Many people who do this will notice that their brain starts to get creati
December 08, 2014
Sometimes we get so busy writing content and worrying about making that sale, we forget to look at the entire picture. I'll admit, I've been on the wrong side of this coin. I have totally redone my site, so it is more professional and user friendly. Here are a few things that I've learned to keep in mind: *Less is actually more! Leave some white space and make it easier on your visitors eyes Not every single area needs an ad. * Check your links often, make it a priority. If you have broke