Publishing An E Book For Free: Free E Book Publishers.

Last Update: May 20, 2020

Now, I have Published several E Books; and I am going to name 5 Free E Book Publishers here. I am doing this for Members; who may want to Publish an E Book Free. But, they don't know which one to use. Also I am doing this for Members who are just starting out trying to Publish an E Book Free.

I am doing this for myself a little too. Because I will ask Members who know Free E Book Publishers to mention which ones they use? Other than the ones I state. So, if other Members know free E Book Publishers? Please do mention them.

I have to warn Readers; I looked up LuLu; and they more then one bad review; so you might want to look at too Online; and see what you think? In The Review they say gives Very Little Royalties; unless you charge about $14.00 per Print Book and or E Book. I'm am going to list them; because they give a free ISBN.

Now, LuLu does give a free ISBN to my Current Knowledge; but before going with LuLu; I suggest Members look over The Reviews of LuLu I put up. And I am warning Members; LuLu had a bad Review or more; as I did state. And I am new to Patreon.

I will state 4:

Kindle Direct Publishing or

I am unfamiliar with Patreon; so I will put up two Links; which Members can look at to see if it is for them. And here is the link to Patreon's Sign Up Page; it is sort of free: Members can look at it; if they want? The First Link Below is the link to Patreon; but I suggest Members check them all out.

I am stating them in the way I like them right now. For instance; gives you an ISBN right off the bat. I had trouble with Draft2Digital they would not give me an ISBN for my work. Kindle Direct Publishing associated with Amazon is still holding onto my work; and it has been in review for ages. And Smashwords would not accept my work at all. I think they said it was too big.

Now, I am going to state here; I cannot be sued for this; because it is true. It is in The Law; Someone can be sued for making statements only if they are not true. It is called "Slander and Libel.". But, this is all true; so they can't sue me.

And as I said; I am asking other Members who have already Published E Books for Free with other Companies or Sites? To please state in the replies which ones they have used which are free? And which ones are the best. And Members can also state which ones have given them free ISBN's? And which ones don't give Free ISBN's?

And as I have said; I have had trouble with 3 of them. RIght now; I am trying LuLu; but; it is a little difficult for me to complete the registration of my E Book. But, I am looking into it.

Oh, yes, I want to say too; I put my E Mail Address on all my work. I do that to verify the work is mine. Another Member mentioned something about that to me. But, I still prefer to put my E Mail Address. It is mainly for verification. I guess if Members and others want to Contact me? That is alright.

Thank you:


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vinhlam Premium
I have no idea what you are talking about whatsoever. Are you telling others to check their emails every night, or are you telling us your problem with Amazon, or are you letting us know eBook publishing arenas? Sorry buddy I have no idea what this post is about at all :)
michaelw777 Premium
Okay, it's about a LOT of stuff. I'll just start here; right now Amazon KDP is having problems because of Covid-19. So, they can't Publish E Books and other works right away.

What I was talking about too; was my past experience with Amazon KDP before they started having problems. BEFORE THEY HAD PROBLEMS. Sorry to be clear.

Before Amazon KDP had problems. I had to start to check my E Mail every night for updates on my E Book from them.

I am just suggesting to others; if dealing with Amazon KDP once they are back to normal. To check that Person's E Mail Address every night; if their work takes time to be Published.

I hope this clears it up. And if anyone wants to ask again? Please do? And I'll try to explain it better.
michaelw777 Premium
I'm just going to say here; right now: Amazon KDP is blaming Covid-19 for not being able to Publish Works right away. I can understand that; but I will once again put the warning I put before.

If you are dealing with Amazon KDP; or Kindle Amazon; I think they prefer Amazon KDP. You have to check the E Mail Address you use with them every night.

While you are Publishing with Amazon KDP; if your work is taking a long time to be Published? You have to check The E Mail Address you are using with them every night.

Now, as said with Covid-19; they are saying it is taking longer than usual for them to Publish works; which I can understand.

But, I wish someone had warned me sooner to check for E Mails from Amazon KDP every night while Publishing with them; when my work was taking a LONG Time to be Published. And I don't mean now.

I mean when Amazon KDP just kept using "Draft" and "Continue Publishing Process." and I did not know what was going on.

But, I am okay with them taking time to Publish my work now; with Amazon KDP having problems with Covid-19.

But, as I am saying; before when my work had problems and I did not know what they were; I wish someone had warned me to check my E Mail Address every night when having problems Publishing with Amazon KDP.

And just so this is clear; I fully understand Amazon KDP's problems now; and I can wait. Now that I know what the problems were with my E Book. And I can be understanding of Amazon KDP. I hope this helps someone.
michaelw777 Premium
And just to make sure; I am not mad or putting down Amazon KDP. I understand fully about them having problems with Publishing.

And just to be clear; I had past problems with Amazon KDP. But, with what is going on; I can't really complain about Amazon KDP right now.

I guess that's it: Later.
JackieB830 Premium
Hi Michael, thank you for providing such important information. It will benefit those who are using Amazon KDP.

All the best
michaelw777 Premium
You're Welcome; glad I could help. And Best Wishes.
michaelw777 Premium
I'm leaving the blog as it was; because that was what was happening. But, and now I know this is what they are called: An Update on Amazon KDP; that is Amazon Kindle Publishing; but they call themselves; to my knowledge: Amazon KDP.

Anyway; an Update; I found out that when dealing with them. You have to check your E Mail every night; they will send messages: E Mails. And they will tell you what is wrong with your; for instance: E Book.

So, with Amazon KDP; you have to check your E Mail every night; and contact them back and make the changes they want.

As for how The E Book I was working on is going now; they say it is "Live", but when I try to look at places they are selling them. I see just a webpage telling me my E Book Information is not available. Right now I will check back later. But, Amazon KDP is still giving me a little trouble.

But, as I am saying; if you use Amazon KDP; you have to check your E Mail every night and see what changes they want. And if it is not going well; contact them back.

I did not know it; but now I know it for future; and I will say too. Once again; you have to check your E Mail every night and if they want changes made to your E Book? You make the changes and get back to them. Hope this helps? But, as said; Amazon KDP has not yet fully put up my E Book. I am waiting on them still. But, once again; you have to check The E Mail Address you gave them every night. Hope this helps.
Johnpavich Premium
Thx Michael, I heard about kindle but now that you said Amazon who owns it was giving the run a round will have to check others out .
I have a book I want to publish started it years ago will have to try again. Thx😎👌
michaelw777 Premium
Yeah, I don't know what is going on with Kindle Amazon right now? I did E Books like this for them before; and they never complained. So, I don't know what is going on?

If you find any other E Book Publishers? Please leave them in a reply? If you find others? Please leave it in a reply? Thanks in Advance.

I can suggest to you though; and if you haven't gotten around to this yet? Try this? See if Dreaft2Digital will give you a Free ISBN; if not? Try LuLu; but when you are at LuLu; make sure you select to not give them only The Rights to your E Book. It is in the setup.

Then go to Draft3Digital and use The ISBN LuLu gave you. If Draft2Digital does not give you an ISBN. It might take some time; but try this if you want? But, you can see if Draft2Digital will give you a free ISBN first? Hope this helps?
Johnpavich Premium
michaelw777 Premium
Hope you are happy with the information? If you have a question? Please do ask?
Johnpavich Premium
Great info thx Michael 😎👌
gnoose Premium
Isn't sad that in todays world we have to have disclaimers on virtually everything. I jokingly put a disclaimer in a blog I wrote once. "These views are mine and not endorsed by my employer. Oh wait, I am the employer." Didn't get one negative comment about that, thankfully. Anyway, thanks for the info, it might come in useful one day.