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Last Update: Jun 18, 2019

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Often, I wake up at 4 o'clock in the morning to do some introspection. This is what I have been doing since I got myself into the world of serious business. Building my own business, so to speak.

Every single day, I tell myself things I have been grateful for, and remember what I have achieved yesterday. Although I didn't accomplish a lot in my list, at least, I did some progress. Small progress.

I asked a few people on Wealthy Affiliate to share a review of my website, of how I was able to help them, made follow-ups on my previous assistance, etc.

At the same time, I worked for someone else.

You know what, when you're so passionate with something, you couldn't even think of resting because your mind keeps you going. It's not really a bad thing, isn't it.

Of course, you have to rest, etc. Yet, while sleeping, I could imagine my future achievements as if they're real; as if I already have it.

And voila.

Today, I got my Top 200 badge.

Within less than a month on Wealthy Affiliate, I got the badge.


I have a few notes here that will help you achieve your goal. That is if this is your goal. If so, I will share what I have been doing in the past few weeks. It's not even a month that I got into Premium Plan. But I'm really surprised I got this.

1. Become a person of value. This is the top recommendation, overall. You have to become the person of value that's irresistible in the eyes of many, even to those who are from the higher ranks.

2. Offer help, extensive help. Don't just say "Hi, Hello, Goodbye" here. You have to offer an extensive help. What I do with more or less than 20 people here is that I offer a comprehensive review of their content (since my niche is into content marketing). So, I take a look at their work and offer my feedback. After I sent my feedback, I do an update. They respond with the results.

3. Engage in training. Although I haven't finished the Level 5 training yet, because I'm still on the road to publishing new posts on my website, I got the Top 200. Why? Because I don't only consume the lessons, I share what I previously learned in the comments below. If there are responses, I actively respond.

4. Create killer content. You see, especially those who have been following me, I posted 16 blog posts on Wealthy Affiliate. All of which are of high value. Some may not reach 2,000 words but they're from my personal experiences. I open my vulnerability to people, my 100% truest self. I'm not perfect at all. The rest of the content I share are killer content.

5. Be grateful. The fact you're here on Wealthy Affiliate, it's already a huge blessing, my friend. Some time ago, I went to Clickbank without prior knowledge about affiliate marketing at all. Honestly, I'm still learning it. Not only learning it, but mastering it. I was literally lost until I found someone, who introduced me to Wealthy Affiliate. And here I am, becoming a person you couldn't resist. *winks*


Now, it's your turn, my friend. You gotta do this.

Your efforts may be slow because you're working full-time. I do work for someone else, too. The key here is time management. Not only self-discipline, but the right mindset and winning attitude.

You need to show more of what you've got.

Implement my tips on expanding your boring content to a killer one.

Use the tools I recommend here to bolster your content to 200%.

What else did I miss?

Oh, your mindset.

You might think you're the biggest loser in town, or someone who doesn't deserve the good things life has given you.

If you continue acting like you couldn't do anything, then, so be it. Act like one and stop complaining the low figures on your bank account!

I know I'm working towards my financial goals and I will you the proof I don't have anything in my account. But my eyes are on it. I'm working on it.

Do you want to come with me? Yes or no?

You see, within 6 months since I started my website, this is what I achieved.

  • Almost a 100% improvement in my traffic
  • Reduction of bounce rates
  • Increase of my email list/subscribers
  • Impressed people with my website design
  • Earned my first $25 as an affiliate
  • Earned Top 200 on WA in less than 30 days
  • Helped more or less than 20 people on WA
  • And many more!

6 months, goodness! That's a lot of progress. These are collected small progresses.

If I could do this, you can do, too.

Just stop acting like a victim, and a loser, and start doing something. Got it?

Now, get back to work.

If you want to get updated with my latest posts, follow me. Further, if you want my advice or help to leverage your boring content, send me a private message. I'll be delighted to be of assistance just like the 20 people before you. Super stoked! :)

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Great Blog and excellent tips. Thank you for sharing, and best wishes on achieving your goals.

Thank you so much for that! I really appreciate it. :)

Congratulations! That's awesome.. looking forward to seeing how amazing the next six months will be!

Yes, that's what I've bee looking forward to. The next 6 months. :)

Congratulations that is awesome news! I enjoy your work and appreciate your help!

Donna Rayne

Sure, no worries, Donna. It's been my pleasure to be of help, too. :) Thank you so much for congratulating my success.

Wow! That's great and what an amazing achievement. Congratulations and with no doubt, you gonna reach your goal in due time. I wish u more luck.

All the best,


Thank you so much for that short but sweet thought, Art. Sure, but that doesn't mean you aren't going to the same, right? I'll see you at the top. :)


Congratulations on your achievements. You inspire us to achieve too!

Thank you so much for that, Peterken1. I really hope that my experience here on Wealthy Affiliate and my active engagement on the platform help you to apply on your own business journey as well. :)

Well done. You are a star.

Thank you, OSegun. :)

Congratulations Mecyll.


Thank you so much for that, Derek. It really means a lot to me. :)


Thank you! :)

Very inspiring. Thanks

It's my pleasure, Ian. I really hope my experience here and in blogging resonates well with you. At the same time, you could apply the same strategies I did on your own online business. :)

Great job well hard work pays off inspiring I Have Found it a bit of an obsession I too determined to make my life work how I want it thanks again

Thank you for such a short but sweet comment. :) It's my pleasure to become an inspiration and somehow a drive to do the same on your own journey, Dwain. :)

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