How Pinterest Boosts Traffic To 2,000 Visitors In 1 Day

Last Update: Jul 7, 2019

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What happened to me recently is crazy. I got up the bed and saw my Google Analytics with a surprising graph. I almost slip my phone from my hand, shocked.

My visitors skyrocketed from a few hundred to 2,000 visitors in just one day. How did I do that?

Aside from Google Analytics, I have another search engine where I consider the second traffic source. Pinterest.

Gone are the days, bloggers and reputable companies consider Pinterest as a mere social media but a search engine. As Mike Beatty puts it, a social media directs users to users, but a search engine directs to the content.

The difference between Google and Pinterest is that the former shows snippets on its Search Engine Results Page (SERP), whereas the latter shows beautiful but snappy and converting images directing the users to the site where the content is.

*See the pointed area where the traffic skyrockets that time after I used Tailwind


I am aware there is so much potential for Pinterest, especially for content writers. It doesn't matter if you're a blogger or not as long as you're into the digital content, you're in.


To make sure the platform generates traffic, you have to make sure your account is in business, not personal.

Once you upgrade your account (which is for free), you will be asked to claim a website for your rich pins.

What are the rich pins?

These are pins which contain the links where it directs the users to the main content, and it does contain the description with the pin title along with it.

In the past, the description relies on the Alt Text of the image when you upload it on your website. Today, you can edit it to how you want it.


You have to create pins for each content you have on your site. What I do is to use Canva for free and select the designs for my pins. From there, you simply follow the criteria to make it a great pin:

  • a. Clear/readable blog post title on the image
  • b. Shows your brand (colors, fonts, etc.)

Once you upload these pins, you have to ensure you have the right title, description, as well as the group board you want this pin saved. What I do is to make the pins first and have these gathered in one group board.


By the way, what is a group board?

A group board is a Pinterest board containing the pins in one specific subject. For example, your group board name is "All About Blogging," you expect all the pins are related to blogging. Nothing else. The same principle follows when you join group boards or tribes.

*My profile views from 10,000 to almost 200,000 monthly views in 1 week alone


It's like guest blogging. You ask permission from the group board owner if you could join the amazing pinners to pin your pins in the group. Often, you're asked to email the owner and explain why you like to join the group.

In turn, the owners will respond and instruct you to follow specific instructions they have for every new member. What they typically do is to ask you to follow their profile and their boards before they approve your application.


I use Tailwind (by the way, message me if you want to enjoy free month) to schedule all my pins to 20+ group boards I have.

Yes, currently, pinning to several group boards take so much of my time, especially if I have to determine which pins should I pin. Ask me how on a private message.

So, I let my favorite scheduling tool to do that for me. It inspects the best-performing pins I do have from my site and saves it on the dashboard for queuing. Once they're all set for the queue, I will simply click them to automatically schedule the rest of the pins.

I tell you, after using this tool, the growth of my traffic changed. At the same time, I receive more conversions from users (signing up for my email list that day, too).

Additionally, I was able to save more time to do other things like writing my recent blog post with 9,000 words.

*My pin with the highest views after Tailwind. Before, it barely reaches 100+ views, now it has more than 30,000 views with 222 clicks, driving more traffic to my blog


Pinterest is already a growing option for most bloggers these days, unlike the time when I started blogging in 2015. At the time, only a few people discover its potential.

Today, more and more bloggers turn their heads to this new search engine. In fact, rumors said Google might intervene to its algorithm. I hope not.

Anyways, that's all for today. It's been a while since I posted something here.

Again, if you want to know more about Tailwind and how this helps you in your blog and your business, don't feel hesitant about leaving me a message. I'll be delighted to share ideas. :)

If you want to be updated with my latest posts, follow me. If you have other concerns or questions about building your money-making online asset aka blog, you can send me a message. I'll be thrilled to help you out, albeit my hectic schedule.

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Thanks for the great information. Pinterest has been in the back of my mind for months now and feel it would help me out significantly. I guess I just have to make the leap.

Yes, it does. Feel free to send me a message if you want to leverage your Pinterest presence. :)

Wow! Thank you for that very kind offer! :-)

Yes, I won't hesitate giving that chance because I experience the mind-blowing experience myself. So, I want to share that. :)

Pinterest us a fantastic social media platform. Jim

Yes, it's true. There's no doubt about that, Jim.


Yes, it is. ♥️

Leveraging Pinterest is definitely the way forward. Brilliant advice to follow. Thanks.

Yes, it is. Search engine doesn't include Google anymore. Most experts see potential in Pinterest for traffic. :)


As usual you are so creative and has such a good writing talent.
You are amazing.

About P interest I really don't know how to work with.

I'm far away behind all and didn't wrote any post yet.

I'll continue follow you.


If you want, I can assist you with the process how Pinterest works. I'll be delighted. :)

T hank uou so much you are really so kind to me.
A priciated.

Wow, this is very interesting! Thank you for sharing! I will definitely look into it and come back to you if I have any questions! :)

Great. I'm glad this post calls to do further experiment with Pinterest as a search engine, not a social media. :)

That is great. I will check it out in near future. Thank you.

Sure, feel free to send me a message to explain this further for you. :)

This is really wonderful, very many thanks,


It's my pleasure to share with you what I know and discovered. In that way, you can apply the principles to your own businesses. :)

Thanks I intend too.

Salamat sa sharing Mecyll!

Sounds like you are doing great. Congrats!


I do, Mel. Thanks for saying. I'm not spending a lot more time on Wealthy Affiliate than before because of my choice to focus on my writing and monetizing it. Right now, I am figuring out what makes the social media tick. So far, I discovered this tool to optimize my Pinterest, which is the 2nd traffic source for my site aside from organic search.

Great advice. I will take the Tailwind deal and any other tips you may have,



You can send me a message if you want to learn how this tool can save you a lot more time than expected. I don't usually stay active on social media because I have to spend time on my writing. Yet, the results say something. There's something on Tailwind that I have to know more.

I admit that the strategies I noticed so far isn't the "code" of increasing so much. But what I shared in the post is the basic. I hope that helps you out in boosting the web traffic for your blog, Tim.

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