Domain Name Binge

Last Update: October 01, 2019

I Just Had To Share This

I have a few hobbies and I've been toying around with various domain names for each one, anticipating that I'll make affiliate marketing sites for each.

Way back when, I used to work for an ISP and I had registered my name,, and a domain for my SCUBA hobby,

I never did anything with them and eventually let them go, as I figured they were a waste of money. Keep in mind that this was well before WA even existed.

Now I'm kicking myself because my name isn't available any longer (someone else has it) and was taken too.

Current State of Affairs This Morning

Today, I decided to take a look at the domains I currently have and see if I want to let any go, look for new ones and so on.

Here's what I had when I started today: - This was going to be my sailing niche site URL but it just doesn't sound right to me. - This one is my drone site and I like the name a lot as it's based on the drone model I own. - This is my WA promotion site and I like the URL. - I grabbed this one while having dinner with a friend who has several orchards that supply upscale restaurants, etc. It just seemed to fit.

Today's Mission

After reviewing what I had, I decided to see if I could find additional/better domain name options.

One thing I wanted to do is grab a domain for my planned fishing affiliate marketing site so I went to town trying various domain names and settled on

Not being happy with the domain name, I decided to look around a bit Enter your own correction...

I decided to check up on my old SCUBA related URL and was happy to find that it was once again available so I grabbed as fast as I could.

Sadly, is still unavailable but I'll keep my eye out and grab it if/when I can.

Funny Observation

So, I noticed that I lean toward the Stan Lee character naming convention (i.e. Peter Parker, Bruce Banner, etc.). I mean, just look at my domain names (Agile Anglers, Mavic Maniacs, etc.). Now I know, not all of my domains follow this naming scheme but many do and even Snooty Foodie rhymes.

Hopefully, there's something to this and it has some sort of unconscious trigger to make the names memorable in my visitor's minds.


So, what do you think of my current domain name choices? Do you like the Stan Lee naming approach? - for my fishing affiliate marketing site - dropping in favor of - for my drone affiliate marketing site - for my SCUBA diving affiliate marketing site - for my sailing affiliate marketing site - for my WA promotion site - not sure, just liked it.

Do you like these or is there a better name out there that you think should fit my expected use cases better?

Thanks for your time and opinions,


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Aussiemuso Premium
Very catchy names. I like them as they stick in my mind.

You have some great ideas here. Time to fill them out.

Lily 😊
merlynmac Premium
RosanaHart Premium
The only one I wouldn't be thrilled about is the one you couldn't get. When you have two identical letters in a row, I think it can be confusing. Are you Scott Hinkle or Scot Thinkle?
Mick18 Premium
They all look good to me Scott.
Debra22753 Premium
they are all winners in my book good luck with the domains
merlynmac Premium
Thank you
megawinner Premium
Those are maybe useful hobbies and gives you more audience in the end and monetize in the end. Anything too much of a good thing is a good thing.
merlynmac Premium