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January 28, 2020
My Weekly Post (Usually On Monday's) Is Late!I know, you'll get over it. Still, I want to apologize. Not only to you, but to myself.If you're one of my followers, that reads my status update posts, you know I try to keep to a schedule. Monday I do several things, one of which is writing this post. That didn't happen this week.The worst part is, I have no excuse other than I was feeling lazy!That's right. I simply didn't want to do anything so I didn't.Now, I know that this happens to us al
January 21, 2020
Just An Update (Nothing To See Here)I don't have much to discuss really...I hit last week's goals. My new membership site is taking form and getting a few sign ups. Other than that, it's been pretty quiet (for a change)...No major issues with my mother-in-law.Work has been pretty quiet.I did get a new Oculus Quest and I love it but fear it may take me astray from work I should/could be doing.This Week's GoalsMore of the same:Research two keywords per site (total of 6)Flesh out two article templ
January 13, 2020
First The Status UpdateAs many of you know, I was a little behind last week in meeting my goals. I'm pleased to announce that I got all caught up and an on target once more.It's challenging balancing life and business at times but, if you work toward your goals, it can be done.I hit all last week's goals and now they're renewed for this week. Here's the list:Write One Post on WA - That's this post.Research Two Keywords Per Website - That's six in total and is in progress.Flesh Out Two Article
January 09, 2020
I Must ApologizeI try to post every week on Monday but I was otherwise occupied and didn't get around to it until today.What was up? Well a mix of things really...Mini Vacation - I went to Southern California and hit Disney and UniversalFamily - Sadly, my mother-in-law ended up with an infection in her knee, the same one that was fully replaced back in April) and she ended up going to recovery facility after the hospital discharged her.Nightmare - The recovery facility was what you'd expect fr
December 30, 2019
It's a New Week (But a Little More Special)Here's another one of my weekly updates. The only real difference here is that this one is for the week starting off a new year.That's right, it's time for the New Year's resolutions! The only difference between these and so many others is I actually will follow through, not just plan to and drop it in a month or two.Website GoalsMy primary goal has not changed, create successful websites that earn revenue. What has changed is how I go about doing i
December 24, 2019
There's Not Much To Report But...So, as many of you know, I've recently started a membership website, It's taken a lot of my focus and my other two sites have suffered a little because of it. That said, the site is fully functional now and even has a few members.I've recently joined the Angel Investing community and found it quite exciting and interesting. One thing I discovered was that there's no real community site for sharing, networking and so on. That's what my site i
Latest InfoWell, I have been hard at work on my new membership site and I think I have it all ready to go except for setting up my mailing list back-end. My new membership site offers the following features:Live Chat - Not only can my members chat in a group room (much like WA's offering) but they can also private chat, member to member, and even video chat one-on-one!Forums - My site is about angel investing and sharing information. To that end I've setup forums as the primary information sh
December 11, 2019
I Need Your HelpThis weeks post isn't going to be my usual, here's where I am, here are my goals and so on post. This week is just going to be me asking you for your opinion and help.I've been working on my new membership site and I have all the functionality worked out but I'm not happy with my landing page when you visit my URL.I was hoping you might take the time to look at it and let me know what works, what doesn't and what you might change to make it more appealing.I know that my placeho
FailureSo, last week was a disaster as far as hitting my goals. Posts, research, comments; all missed. Life happened and something had to give. I hit a couple of goals and fell short on others. That's not to say that I missed them completely. Some were partial successes but not completed in full.That said, I'm moving forward and not crying over spilled milk. In fact, I'm branching out into a new endeavor on top of my usual weekly activities.Something NewSo, some of you may know that I'm r
So What Did I Accomplish Last Week?Almost everything on my list!Yes, I'm still dealing with family stuff. In fact, we took posession of the house last Wednesday. I had a dumpster delivered Friday and had Code Enforcement out to help with the abandoned vehicles on the property. Believe it or not, we filled the dumpster in one day, LOL.Still, with all that has been going on, I was able to hit all but one goal last week and I have that one item almost done and will have it completed tomorrow.