Checking In

Last Update: September 23, 2019

Just a Quick Check-In

Hello everyone,

Last week was a busy one for me. I actually only got two posts written but they required a bit of research and me setting up accounts and testing things out. I started getting involved in crowdfunding and angel investing. It's quite exciting.

Because all that took so much of my time, I did not get to the second training in my Elementor series so that's on the plate for this week.

All-in-all, I still count it as a productive week and I actually enjoyed researching companies and backing a few.

This Week's Plans

So, I've decided not to worry about catching up the two posts I missed last week. Usually that kind of thing would drive me nuts and I'd post 6 posts this week to make up for it but, with all the stuff I'm doing now, I've decided not to have that anxiety hang over me.

This weeks goals are as follows:

  • Write and Publish 4 posts (2 for each site) - in progress
  • Research 10 keywords (5 for each site)
  • Write 1 post on WA - this one
  • Share 1 WA post on Facebook - done
  • Help 25 people (5 per day) minimum on WA - in progress
  • Leave 30 comments (6 per day) - in progress
  • Research a few startups to see if I want to invest in them - in progress
  • Create lesson 2 in my WA Elementor training
  • Find time to do my full-time job somewhere in there

That should have my week pretty full.

How About You?

What did you do last week? What's on your agenda for this week? How's it going in general?

Let me know by commenting below.

Thanks for taking the time to read this,


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ExpatMark Premium
Last week sucked. I went to three funerals including my Pomeranian and two friends who own my 2 favorite restaurants.

So this week I just want to wake up on the good side of the grass.

- posts two blogs (one on motivation, one on FAQ pages)
- spend 40 hours helping others
- watch Jay's previous Instagram tutorials a second time and
watch the fourth this Friday
- set up my Instagram Business Account
- welcome every new Premium member
- one hour per day watching Pinterest tutorials
- go to a 40-year reunion and see what those losers are doing,
because the class pothead who was Valedictorian retired at 46
and is now an Ambassador with Wealthy Affiliate
- sign up just one of my ex-classmates to Wealthy Affiliate
- Go to Nashville and see one of my fav all-time bands King
- scout out a scuba dive trip!!!!

Other than that? Nothing.
HeidiAnders3 Premium
I love this!!😁 (not the funeral part)
merlynmac Premium
So nothing much, eh? LOL. Sorry for the losses man but I look forward to your reporting back on the reunion and SCUBA location!
ExpatMark Premium
Howdy Heidi. I love saying that. I see you are homeschooling your kids. Wise move, they aren't teaching kids anything useful in the real world anyway. Just wondering if that is your niche site?
That would be a good one as homeschooling is becoming so popular. I am currently setting up a site to teach English worldwide. has a 40 hr. course teaching just how to set up a website to do it. I am already TEFL certified and Quora says there are 1 billion people worldwide learning English.

$13.99 for a domain name and I am in business.

I see you have been here for 5 weeks. Pretty nifty site huh?

HeidiAnders3 Premium
Seems like we are about the same amount of time on WA! My niche website is a mixture of homeschooling, making memories with the kids, home things, etc. I'm trying to creatively tie in some affiliate links too. I did the Bootcamp training as well, so I have a 2nd site promoting WA.

Teaching English would be a great idea for you! Go for it! I've debated doing some online teaching, too, but I have to sort out this online biz thing and get my own kiddos taught.

I love WA! I came here knowing nothing...and I'd like to think, now, I know a little! Still so much to learn!

Tmgreen Premium
Great plan! I got a little behind last 2 weeks as well. Also had a new granddaughter come into the world and she was in the NICU for a few days. She is home now with her mama, so things are good.

I looked at my calendar yesterday, and saw that we only have two weeks left in this months SAC training. I was like, oh geez, gotta put things into high gear! I need 6 more articles to meet SAC goals, but I had my personal target at 20.

It's been a busy month and the holidays will be upon us soon.


merlynmac Premium
Congrats man. I'm glad everything was OK.

Don't remind me of the holidays...I'm doing the low-carb thing and have 18 pounds to go of my 33-pound goal.

SAC can kick your butt, that's for sure.

Keep it up!
Joes946 Premium
Scott, you make my head swim! Great goals and motives. Great attitude and you will be successful.
merlynmac Premium
Thanks Joe. The true test is sticking to the plan!
Helen123 Premium
Wow Scott that is a lot to get done this week. I wish I could set myself that much, I really want to get to 100 posts, but Im not managing more than 3 a week with everything else I have to do and this week we have a tournament up in Mijas so likely no wifi. I will do my best to do stuff whilst Im there but like you there is no point sweating about what I cant do. I wish you every success this week !
merlynmac Premium
Thank you. Even if you're offline, you can still compose your article. Then, when you're back online, you can add images, check spelling and grammar and so on.
Helen123 Premium
I’ll go for that tomorrow! He’s on ‘not before 1’ but the way things go that could be anything from 1 to about 4pm! So sounds like I’ve got a plan.
FestAffiliat Premium
Wow Scott this looks great. A deliberate plan indeed. I will attempt to use it also may be a lesser rate.

I guess the most critical thing is to be consistent. Thank you very much for sharing a great lesson for me.
merlynmac Premium
Thank you. The true trick is sticking to it. Last week I missed 2 posts but things changed so I had to make adjustments. That said, I'm back on track this week with the addition of angel investing.