My Rank is 199! I made it under 200!

Last Update: July 04, 2018

I guess when you have technical issues and are sending site support a ton of messages and chatting up the other members, you can drop rank pretty quickly!

Another win that I had this week was that I got my first WA referral. I had started the super affiliate program in January, but abandoned it when my affiliate commissions from my fitness site stopped. Then I switched focus to my fitness website. I started blogging each day and now I'm starting to see some ad sense and amazon affiliate commissions trickle in. I may start to create more content for the site promoting WA, but my focus will be fitness.

This is 11 months at Wealthy Affiliate. I can't quit my job just yet. I'm just making some extra lunch money right now, but I can see lots of progress and improvement. Slow and steady wins the affiliate marketing race. My traffic is building quite nicely now. I have learned so much. My efforts are cumulative, so I won't quit now.

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Kettei Premium
Sounds like you packed a few wins into this post. :)

Your first WA referral, increasing traffic, increasing confidence... go you! :)
MKearns Premium
You;'re on thepathMelinda!
newmarketpro Premium
Congratulation Melinda.
All the efforts and consistency will be accumulated to bring you the positive snow ball effect. Keep it up! I am positive you are going to see better result in near future.

muhsayy Premium
Congratulations on everything. It's nice to see progress in any area, especially in financial movement. Keep up the good work.
RAFStuart Premium
Very well done.