Finally got to 1,000 visitors per month!

Last Update: May 29, 2018

I'm at month nine and I finally broke 1,000 visitors per month. In January, I got a bit overconfident and tried doing the Super Wealthy Affiliate Program and creating another website to promote WA. However, that meant I was dividing my attention. I was consistently writing 3 articles per week for each site, but my numbers started dropping and the product that I was making money from suddenly stopped selling?! So, I made the decision to only focus on one website until I reached some decent sales and numbers again.

Another mistake I made was not sticking with one social media strategy. I'm getting over my hatred of social media slowly but surely! My Amazon sales are increasing. They aren't as substantial or frequent as my clickbank ones were, but I'll keep working at it. It will get there!

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Memorylaneuk Premium
Congratulations to you and I totally agree with you that splitting time between sites leaves you a little lacking and both sites will suffer as a result.
I focus mainly on Pinterest and a little bit of each of the others but don’t really spend too much time on any as I have managed to get a lot of it automated.
With Grace and Gratitude
davehayes Premium
Nice inspirational post and well done. Social Media used the right way is a great tool to have
Serdinya Premium
Thanks for sharing that Melindac. As a newbie and far from selling yet, that information is very useful.

Alan Hocking Premium
Well done Melinda

I always advise everybody to focus on one site at a time otherwise as you have now found out first hand, you end up spreading yourself too thin and none of your sites make money.

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JWalser Premium
Congratulations Melindac! Glad to hear you have accomplished a milestone!