Create Compelling Headlines Using Title Generator

Last Update: November 01, 2017

Headline is the first words that are read by the readers. It can determine whether they will open the link or not. Too standard title or headline make it is not interesting. A compelling title can attract more visitors.

There are many tools to create compelling headlines. I like to use We can do it simply by typing the main keyword and soon appear 700 headlines with one click.

For example I typed the keyword "cinnamon health benefit". Then click GET HEADLINES! (in red box). A lot of fun in using this tool, because many titles are ridiculous and not suitable for the article.

The top 10 title appeared are:

1. 5 Secrets: How to Use Cinnamon Health Benefit To Create A Successful Business (Product).

2. 15 Unheard Ways To Achieve Greater Cinnamon Health Benefit.

3. How To Get Fabulous Cinnamon Health Benefit On A Tight Budget.

4. 3 Ways to Master Cinnamon Health Benefit Without Breaking A Sweat.

5. Cracking The Cinnamon Health Benefit Code.

6. Lies and Damn Lies About Cinnamon Health Benefit.

7. How to Learn Cinnamon Health Benefit.

8. How to Make Your Cinnamon Health Benefit Look Like A Million Bucks.

9. Clear and Unbiased Facts About Cinnamon Health Benefit (Without All The Hype)

10. 3 Mistakes in Cinnamon Health Benefit That Make You Look Dumb.


700. ...............

And the list continue until reach 700 Headlines! Cool, isn't it?

Then we can pick one as the title or modify it as we like.

We can also get the amazing data below from this website:

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DebbieRose Premium
Good little tip...thanks.
MelaniLukito Premium
The tool really helpful to get an inspiration, Debbie. Thank you for adding your comment.
Claudioj Premium
Excellent tool, many thanks!
MelaniLukito Premium
Thank you for WA member data too, Claudio.
Eleuthera Premium
Melani, that is really cool. I'm going to check it out. Thanks for sharing. Katherine
MelaniLukito Premium
You're welcome, Katherine.
ColleenF1 Premium
Thank you so much for this!
MelaniLukito Premium
Thank you for your question about Amazon link too.
gcd Premium
Thanks, Melani. That's a really handy tool that. You're right though - it does generate a lot of weird titles :)
MelaniLukito Premium
May be more weird more attractive, lol.