Some Ups and Downs This week

Last Update: October 18, 2016

The Ups

After nearly three months of regular content creation and trying to engage my readers, it's finally starting to happen. I've been feeling a little down about the lack of this, and have felt like I've been sending every post into outer space. Know what I mean?

This week I decided to change things up. Following the advice of a fellow blogger and Wealthy Affiliate member, I adjusted my approach to Social Media. Although I'd been active there already, apparently I wasn't going about it the right way.

Previously I was sharing links to content on my website, as well as other relevant links. I was also visiting my readers and commenting on their links. Now I'm trying two new things.

My new strategy is this:

First, I post a few times per day, not just once. Second, only one post per day is to share my newest website content. Since my niche is paper crafting, I've started sharing photos of the projects I'm making each day. I think that is helping readers see I follow my own tips.

However, the thing that's really getting interaction is my questions. Each day I'm posting one niche-related question that asks about people's personal habits and preferences. I'm also sharing my answer to that question. It's so fun to see how people respond, and this is giving me the chance to really get to know my readers.

Not only are readers interacting with my questions, but they're starting to share my other content as well. In addition, some of the big hitters in my niche have shared my content. The latter alone feels amazing!

The Downs

Sales aren't happening, nor am I getting clicks on my affiliate links or anything else that would earn me a little. I wish I could figure out how to convert! I've read and reread all the training, but clearly something isn't clicking for me.

It's only been three months, so I'm not looking for huge sales every day or anything remotely resembling that. But I would dearly love to get one. It gets harder and harder to justify to my husband (the current sole income earner in our house and the controller of the purse strings) why I'm spending money on Wealthy Affiliate when I'm not even earning my monthly membership fee. While I see the big picture, and have explained it to him many times, paying the bills we have now is his only concern.

My membership fee comes due again soon, and that will set up a new round of arguing and justifying in favor of it on my part. I'm afraid my time here at Wealthy Affiliate may be near its end if I can't get some movement soon. That depresses me for several reasons, not the least of which is that I know this is the right path for me. If it weren't for Wealthy Affiliate, I'd never even have started down it, and every day I get new information here that helps me along in some way. But if I'm never making sales, then I can't justify the monthly fee.

How can I turn this around and save my dream???

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drjec Premium
Thanks for telling us about your SM adjustments. These are really helpful.
Me4TheWin Premium
I'm always happy if something I'm trying can help someone else. Hope it brings you increased success, too! :-)

MPollock Premium
Keep up te good work you can do it.
Me4TheWin Premium
Thanks, Mike!
onmyownterms Premium
Me4TheWin Premium
Thanks so much, Mel! You've helped me again. I'll definitely share this with him!