$2826 In Wealthy Affiliate Commissions So Far & Counting!

Last Update: June 05, 2018

Since I started building content towards getting sign-ups for Wealthy Affiliate last October. I have made $2826 just from referrals to WA alone. In just 9 short months and its only June 5 so my total for 9 months will surpass $3000 by the end of the month.

With all my sites combined I have reached over $6,000 a month now for 9 months straight.

I don't just have sites geared towards Wealthy Affiliate sign-ups. I also have 4 other sites on a variety of topics.

I own one site thats geared toward selling affiliate products for iPhone repairs that in the last 30 days alone has broought in $2503.14 in commissions.

So if you are searching for some verification that what you are learning at Wealthy Affiliate actually works.

There you go...

If you are having trouble or need some additional guidance leave it in the comments below or if your a premium member shoot me a personal message and I will be more than happy to help.

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Carson Premium Featured Comment
Well done Michael, you're living proof of what can be accomplished when you are willing to learn and implement what you're learning here at WA. I think that this post will be great motivation to many folks just getting started and who are beginning to get their first taste of traffic and their first few sales!

Great work, sky is the limit :)
oscarndayiz Premium
Yes Carson....that's a living truth all about WA....I have a dream....
Lizbit77 Premium
Hey there Michael, thank you for all the great info on your blog posts here at WA!

I have a question regarding long-term strategies...

I'm currently working on a blog focusing on making money online & becoming an entrepreneur. I'm working an angle of all things small business including health topics like getting enough sleep, staying organized with planners, etc as well as wealth topics like making money on poshmark, creating a blog and what is affiliate marketing.

I'm trying to create a brand that's raw and more "join me on my journey" then "follow me to success".

But I'd like to expand to Youtube and also to more reviews of products using mucheye/jvzoo, all that fun jazz.

My question is, how soon can I start creating a channel for product reviews without being too "salesy". I subscribe to a lot of channels that teach how to grow a biz & use affiliate links but they have the stats to prove success. I'm such a newbie!

Am I jumping the gun by pushing my errr... brand I guess... into product reviews too soon? Should I hold off until I have an audience/substantial email list?

Should I separate the brands completely and create a straight forward product review channel on YouTube?

I want to jump right in but not really sure whats the best tactic? My brain keeps telling me to gain trust first through my blog then start product reviews but I'm so impetuous that I want to start now.

Thank you!
YourBizTips Premium
I'm impressed Michael, well done! Keep us informed of your progress.

Hollshope Premium
Very inspirational! Thanks for sharing your success. It helps those of us that are still learning and striving.
CLoney Premium
Great job! Hope I get there one day!
LeeMcQuay Premium
Awesome. Thanks for sharing with us how your hard work has paid off.
Really gives us motivation and proof that it is possible with commitment and dedication.

Wishing you continued success

Lee Ann
kimwolfe Premium
Excellent success proof! Thanks for sharing.
DarrinB Premium
wow. Nice..
newlive Premium
Good one you are certainly going great, congratulations to you!
MikeC69 Premium
That's completely awesome! Thanks for sharing!
I've been stuck in a funk the last week and attling a mega case of procrastination!
Success stories like this mean more to us newbies than you may ever know!
Best of success!
laurenjean Premium
Awesome Mike! Thanks for sharing! Inspirational. Motivational. Always great to see PROOF of earnings, especially for newcomers.
Hollshope Premium
I am writing consistently for all four of my sites. Two posts a week for my affiliate site, two posts weekly for my nutrition site, and one post a week for my beauty and photography sites. How are you keeping up with five sites? Writing consistently for each one?
christinebso Premium
Congrats and thanks for sharing your success!
Very encouraging!
shanmehndi Premium
wow!!! its an amazing inspirational booster, keep up your good work
Joyce122 Premium
Thanks for sharing, it is inspiring to read stuff like this. I might just take you up on some help in the future! Keep going your doing the right thing it looks like!
teamdes Premium
Thanks always good to see real stats from time to time! Let people know money can be made here.
ReginaO1 Premium
Highly motivational, Thanks for sharing.
Watch out for my pm which will be very soon.
Have a blessed day.
Mark-AI Premium
That's great Mike, very inspiring
JackieSmith Premium
Awesome! Congratulations Mike!
midhunvm Premium
It is really inspiring to see success
stories like this.

Thank you! for sharing :)

I am interested to know your name,
because it is not mentioned in your
profile or any of your blog posts here.

I guess it may be "Michael", because
I have seen it in your income report.

Really appreciate it if you can answer
the questions below:

In one of your other blog post you
said that you quit your job on August 2017.

But in your profile you joined WA on October 2017.

If you are able to quit your job and bring in
$1400/month consistently before joining WA,
which training you have used to reach that level?

Also within WA what training have you used
to grow your niche site? OEC or bootcamp?

How old is your niche site?

What is the posting frequency/week and what
is the average post length?

If you are starting from scratch today, what
would you do differently?

And what will be your #1 piece of advice for
a beginner starting out with a niche site?
davehayes Premium
Now I think these are great questions. Success stories like this are brilliant to read and like you I would be very interested in finding out, the methods used to get this income

Reason being, it could be smarter way of doing what we already do and that is worth knowing, so perhaps it can be shared
KatieMac Premium
Congratulations what a great achievement so far wish you continued success
davehayes Premium
Excellent post, impressive figures and shows what happens when you follow the training, thanks for sharing
littlemama Premium
These are amazing results! Thanks for sharing, the community needs it. :)
Happy2Learn Premium
Wow. Congratulations. Those results are impressive. Well done.
SnowOwl21 Premium
You’re only 9 months in. That’s crazy man! Congrats. :)
Traligill Premium
Wow! that's wonderful. Well done
loweryourtax Premium
Great job!
Sam-Oa Premium
wow.. this is exciting. and it got me day-dreaming. but i get there. thanks for sharing.
Astro67 Premium
sigauke Premium
TheAdvisor Premium
Wow! that's incredible! I sure am positive for I can definitely achieve. your proof of income is undeniable.
ChristinaAsh Premium
Great inspirational post, thanks for sharing.
MargeCramer Premium
Whoop whoop! Congratulations
GomMagtibay Premium
Wow, that is awesome!! A success story worth sharing. :)
KellyElliott Premium
How long did it take before you started gaining momentum and earning commissions?
SuzaMarie Premium
Well done, Mike! Congrats!
NemiraB Premium
Congrats:) Impressive:)
DavidFrady Premium
That is AWESOME! Congratulations! Keep it up. Take care
Danielle21 Premium
Wow amazing!!! Thanks for the reassurance :D Your doing an amazing job. And if I have any questions I'll be sure to head your way!
Marlasmith Premium
Great job. Hoping to be there some day in the near future also.
Joyfulalways Premium
Mday849 hello sir. This Steven Porter. I am a brand new premium member. I want shoot you a private message, but I don't know how.
Joyfulalways Premium
Mike, I find it hard to find replies to a reply :) if you want you email me at Stevehomefree@gmail.com. Also I noticed your report was on a spreadsheet. I love working with spreadsheets. I also noticed the Alex press logo. Do they supply you reporting software?
Joyfulalways Premium
mday849 Premium
Those are just screen shots from within WA. Click the circle in the top left with a cash symbol in it next to the airplane, then click on my stats to get to the screen from this post for your own stats. Yes, that is a screen shot from aliexpress as well. They are like amazon of the world. You can join their affiliate program at portals.aliexpress.com
Joyfulalways Premium
Thank you so much for the info. I've only been a premium for 2 days, I've barely begun to do the training. I am committed to being successful and am so glad to see affiliates like you out there doing so well. Did you create the spreadsheets? Thank you again for your help and the link.
RubyCantu Premium
Wow that's amazing progress. You further encouraged me to keep working hard until success. Thanks for sharing your progress.
RiniThrives Premium
I have heard so many bad things about Ali Express (regarding shipping) that I was scared away from it... how do you find it from personal experience?
I would love to be able to leverage that!
mday849 Premium
Aliexpress shipping depends on the products you are an affiliate for. I usually link to products that are either DHL or epacket to the USA.
Greg2112 Premium
JWalser Premium
WOW! Way to go! You are an INSPIRATION
HowardJaros Premium
Good job Mike!!
MarkBa Premium
That is very inspiring. Thank you.

WendaSue Premium
Wow. Great motivation blog.
Druiz77 Premium
Thanks for motivating others to succeed and believe in WA. It is definitely worth the effort.
dpanic63 Premium
Awesome work!! w
will take you up on the offer going forward.
Here's to you success brother.
tinaandjohn5 Premium
This is great. Congrats on your progress. I hope to get where you are some day. Take Care:)
rikcags Premium
you deserve it man for all your hardwork!
jlclayton1 Premium
Congratulations! Your hard work is paying off big time!

EKaye1 Premium
You have worked hard and they are great achievements. It is really inspiring, thank you for sharing.
lmwhite Premium
Congrats! Wishing you continued success.
Shweta10mg Premium
You have worked hard in this It shows
drgreg55 Premium
Very encouraging proof of what consistent effort produces. Thanks for sharing!
Gregory8 Premium
I really appreciate that thank you!
Rn7422 Premium
Nice job Michael. That's real encouraging. I hope I make the same correct choices as you did. Keep it up. Congrates!
LayoA Premium
Wow! Now that’s inspiring. I’m excited and overwhelmed at the same time about this journey but I am taking it one day at a time. It will will great to inspire some people down the line with my own story. Congratulations.
Genelda Premium
Way to go. Congratulations! Thanks for sharing the inspiration.
Stella2 Premium
Congratulations on your awesome accomplishment! And, thanks for sharing as an inspiration for others.
Here's to many more! :-)
ACWMS Premium
Wow! I need to work a lot harder! That’s awesome!!
hanskristian Premium
Keep up the good work!!
jvranjes Premium
Can you say more about AliExpress site. This seems to be an e-commerce. If so, how do you drive traffic? Great work.
mday849 Premium
aliexpress has an affiliate program like Amazon you can sign up thrpught portals.aliexpress.com I drive traffic through my site lcdrefurbishingsupplies.com
jvranjes Premium
Thank you. Yes I know, I am an affiliate but have never used it.
CandP Premium
Thanks for this post and yes-you are proof that the training works. Sharing these figures is much appreciated. Onward and upward with our WA training. Thanks, Michael!
Continued success to you, Colette and Philip
DBlanchard Premium
Wow!!! what an accomplishment in a such a short period of time! You are an inspiration to the rest of us!!
Congratulations on your success!!!