Yoast Again My Love-Hate Relationship

Last Update: Jun 19, 2016


I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been going to delete Yoast SEO and return to All-in-One. In fact I did do it once on one of my websites but the changeover resulted in a terrible mess. After spending too long trying to sort it, I returned to Yoast, which picked up where it had left off. Harmony restored, bless it.

All would be well if Yoast and I didn’t have so many arguments. I think it hates me. I can’t get all green lights because it tells me that my images’ alt texts don’t contain the keyword. I use a word that wouldn’t be acceptable at WA. I double-check. I’m right. “No you’re not,” the orange light gloats.

Then, Yoast tells me that I don’t have my keyword in the first paragraph. I look, and there it leaps out at me. Sometimes it’s even in the first sentence, though that may be in the form of a question. Perhaps Yoast finds a question too challenging. Oh well, I know the keyword’s there. I hope Google does.

I could go on, but I’ll spare you, my dear readers.

I need, however, tell you about today’s particular complaint because I hope that someone might have an answer. Every time I try to look into my search console, Yoast wants me to get an authorization code. I pull at my hair in frustration but I’m stuck there until I obey the command. I do the authentication, Yoast is happy, and I get on with what I want to do… until next time. Groundhog Day.

Those of you who can read the mind of Yoast, do you have an answer? Can you save me from going bald?

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I am still a fence sitter on Yoast. Your post will make me sit a little longer. thank you.

As you've gathered, I find it a little quirky. However, it's highly rated so don't be put off by me.

Lol sorry. But do stop pulling out your hair. I'm sure someone knows more than me.

Yes, you're right. Baldness wouldn't suit me. Thanks for joining in.

I am wondering if there is any clues with in this training if now he may well give you some pointers

Thank you. I'll have a look at it

No surprised you want to tear your hair out, especially when you are doing well then bang, you hit that brick wall and you are stuck. Good luck though in getting it sorted.

Thank you, Cheryl. The members here are wonderful and I'll try out their suggestions today

Sounds like it is a challenge, Margaret, I was thinking I might give Yoast a whirl, might sit on the fence a little bit longer.

It's apparently very popular and is recommended by some well-known people in internet marketing. Don't let me put you off. I found All-in-One SEO easier to use, especially when I didn't understand what I was doing - just followed what I'd been told. I do like quite a lot about Yoast, believe it or not.

I understand your frustration. I just don't get this SEO business.

I'm still working on SEO. It takes time. I'm frustrated with Yoast because I feel that a plugin should abide by a set of rules. I understand that it's very good at its job (or I would have ditched it long ago) but it has these quirks that irritate me.

Bit like a marriage eh!!!!

Like some, maybe, but not mine.

Paul, I've just reread my response and realised how unpleasant it is. That was not what I intended. I was in a hurry and didn't stop to check it. I apologise for any hurt or offense I may have given you.

Hi Margaret, I am using Yoast. I have encountered this issue as well. It should be OK to ignore the statement as long as you have the keywords in place. As for the Search console that needs the authorization code, you may want to add the google analytic Plugin to link the code to.

Yes, I just move on and ignore the colours once I know everything's right. Google Analytic Plugin. Now the penny drops. I deleted that plugin because I thought Yoast had replaced it. Was trying to get the number of plugins down. Thanks so much. I'll reinstall it.

I trick Yoast by copying the title and pasting it into the keyword box or the other way around. If that doesn't work then I just copy and paste stuff until the light turns green.

Ha! Thank you. I'll have some fun.

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