A Painful Mishap

Last Update: Jun 6, 2016


I have arthritis in the back and a few days ago the pain travelled down to my left knee. I’ve been moving around more slowly but managing quite well. Even did some gardening today to get some exercise.

This afternoon I walked down the steps from the back door, took a pace along the path and TWANG. I felt my left knee give and made some comment that drowned in the pain.

The knee is swollen and hot. Short term, I hope. It’s a public holiday here and since the accident was not an emergency, a visit to a doctor would have cost more than a week’s food. I chose food.

To make walking easier I’ve been using a step stool as a walking frame. It works but I have to bend over to rest my hands on it. It’s not something I’d like people to see. My pride hurts nearly as much as my knee.

I have thirty or so emails from WA waiting forlornly in my inbox but they’ll stay unread, at least until the morning. I’m taking my pain-prone limb off to bed.

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Thanks, Barbara.

I wish you a speedy recovery.

Thank you for your kind thoughts.

Sorry to hear about the knee, Margaret. From experience, I know what it feels like. I've found a way to function to a certain level when mine goes out. In my case it usually is a bad case of tendonitis. What I've been able to do is take a couple of my pain pills (Tylenol 1) and wrap the joint in a tensor bandage. When the pain subsides from the combination of the pills and the pressure on the joint, I can basically move without too much discomfort. Hope this helps.

Thanks for your advice, Ian. I had tendonitis long ago and it took months to heal, even though I sought medical advice. This is more like a strain, I think. I've been taking paracetamol and codeine (standard strong pain relief here) and that takes the edge off the pain. Rest helps, too. The pain is easing, so that's promising.

Yeah, Margaret, keep it wrapped with a broad tensor, but not too thick over the joint. You only need 2 - 3 wraps around to do the job of support. The rest can be wrapped above and below the actual damaged area for further protection until it heals, or you can use a tensor tube as in the photo here. I keep a couple around now that I'm pushing toward 80.

That's a good idea, Ian. Useful to keep on hand. Thanks for the suggestion.


Not good sorry to hear of your mishap hope your knee improves and the pain subsides

Thank you. It's strange how a little movement can give rise to so much pain. However, the pain's subsiding.

Hope you heal up quickly!

Thanks, David. It's still quite ouchy but better than it was yesterday.

So sorry to hear, as I know you like to get out in the garden! Rest up and I hope you feel better tomorrow! Sending healing thought to you from Australia!
Regards, Lisa

Thanks for the healing thought, Lisa. I can't make it to the garden today but the pain's reduced after rest. - Margaret

I understand what you mean about pride lol. I sometimes have to use a wheelchair and really dislike people seeing me in it :)

Yes, Jude. You're too young to use a wheelchair!

Sorry Margareth, hope it will settle down soon, so you can go further with less pain, the best is no pain, but I know a little of arthritis, and that aim is perhaps to high.

Thank you, Loes. The increase in arthritic pain has coincided with the onset of winter here, which doesn't surprise me.

The weather can be very influencing

Sorry for your troubles and I know the feeling well!!!

Thanks, Paul. The years are taking their toll but so what? Life's still good.

Oh dear. I hope you are ok? My Sister is a professional masseuse, she was telling me the other day about a client in similar circumstances as you. My Sister carried out an Infa-red heat massage on the lady. The client was blown away by the results, hasn't used her knees like she is doing now in years. The Infa-red heat massager is a hand held device and can be used on any area on the body. I don't know where you are in the world but you can get them online from £14-£35 maybe worth the investment! Best of luck, get better soon.

Thanks, Suzannah. I didn't know whether to use heat, or cold, or nothing, so chose nothing. Rest and warmth in bed seem to have helped. I'm walking a little more easily today. Margaret

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