How to reset my Google Analytics Account?

Last Update: March 10, 2021

So on the 2nd March I was having difficulty with AIOSEO and requested some help. For which I am grateful as I managed to move forward a bit further.

Following Phil's training, I believe I was ultimately successful in what went in my site(s) header, and my 3 sites were verified on Google Search Console so I'm sure that I did something right.

However, 8 days later and I'm in the dark as I have no stats in Google Analytics , so I have obviously done something incorrectly.

I really think I should start again from scratch on on the Analytics account, but does anyone know how to delete everything in Goggle Analytics and then start the process again?

Basically, I have my account name, and under that I have a bunch of properties for the 3 sites. But one property I deleted so it has a line through it, but later I realised it was correct so I recreated it. But 2nd time it has a UA- code while another has GA4 on the property name.

I think I have mixed up the gtag option with something else so I really need to go back to a clean canvas. Then I will paste the new and correct tags into my headers.

I would be grateful for best suggestion on doing that reset on my google analytics account or just delete the properties that are already there.



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maxmillion18 Premium
Thanks everyone for the comments.

My stats hadn't worked for the entire 10 days but it seems I pasted the wrong bit of code in my sites. Something to do with Standard Analytics and GA4 analytics.
Google Support suggested I stick with the standard option. And I was shown how to delete the existing properties so I can recreate them later.
I further complicated my own setup because unknowingly, I had previously used one of the domains in a different google account already. So I have shut down that old account.

Google Support are willing to help you set up your analytics (or fix them as in my case) for free, if you have a google adwords account.

Thanks again for the advice and comments.
drjec Premium
I don’t have much experience but I am wondering if somehow you are mistaken. It doesn’t make sense that this just happened because it seems like things were functioning.
Meenaf1 Premium Plus
Hi Max,

I think it will take a good week until it gathers your site's data. Based on my own personal experience, I had to wait a good one week or may be even 10 days until there were some data gathered in it.

To me it looks you did everything right and only 3 days are not enough. I think you should allow it some more time until it collects data.

I hope it helps,

Christorv Premium Plus
It took me more than that, Meena, before I got any data. I also thought I was wrong and then went for Monster Insights lol. Anyway, it is working now
Meenaf1 Premium Plus
Great! I glad it is working now. 😊
JoeRebisz Premium
I had the same issue and contacted site support to change the gtags so they were the same as the added one for me and it didn't match the ID I had on my account.