Your Thought Determines Your Future!

Last Update: December 12, 2016

Your Thought Determines Your Future

Be positive always. Think Success, not Failure. Remove blame and complaints from your dictionary.

It will shock you to see how an average Joes think; they are completely passive and not active. Passive mean they allow life happens to them which is what the majority does.

While the active take charge of their life, eliminate all blames and takes responsibilities for what their life will become. They simply create their future!

This trait is one of the most important traits of high achievers in life. They believe their dreams can be accomplished without any iota of doubt.

As man thinks in his heart so his he- Bible

The moment you profess “I can’t…”, then you are right. Why not change it to ‘I can’!

A positive thing comes to positive people.

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Agradecer Premium
That is very true, Maun. Keep me pumped up, sir.
Thanks for taking the time to share.

MoragK Premium
Hi, many thanks for sharing. You are so right. Take charge of your life. Live your life with a positive attitude and you good things come back to you. All the best.
maun5130 Premium
Hi Moragk, welcome. I agree with you. Life is short,but positive attitude make a difference.
Wish you all the best and much success!
onmyownterms Premium
Thanks for sharing.
maun5130 Premium
Hi onmyownterms, you are welcome and thank for your comment by reading this post.