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You Can Become Successful Regardless Of Your OriginBest athlete in the world was from Jamaica and he is black.What I mean is that regardless of where you come from,( age, gender, background , education and more) if you really need success all you have to do is to chase after it tirelessly.Every thing is entirely possible with the education, the websites, and the community you have here in WA.What really matters the most, is what you do with the opportunity in where you are presently.Your habits
January 25, 2017
You Succeed Only If You careless about people ExpectationsWhat you don’t know about high-flyers is that they don’t give in to what others says about their dream. You can’t do that, That is too big a project, How are you going to fund that ,I don’t think you have all it takes .The list can go on and on but, real success only comes when you are dogged and success bent on what you want from life and go for it. No one believed in Hessen Bolt, but he is the best athlete ever
Persistency is the keyI love to see persistency as hitting a point on the wall continually with a hammer, but it comes to a time in which the wall gives way. Was it the first hit that enables the wall to give way? But the accumulation of the hits on the wall!Every high flyer will always have a story to tell you about how hard they work to make things work out in their Endeavor. Fortune only favors the brave, and comes to the court of the persistent.I am not usually someone who pulls out Steve J
January 11, 2017
Information is the fuel of your futureIt will amaze you to know how most successful people in the world educate themselves every day.They always improve themselves in their business by reading books on selling, marketing, negotiation and human relations. It was estimated that most billionaire reads for about 4 hours a day.Yet you see an average guy which believes he knows all and don’t read any book after graduation.But the truth is that real learning starts after graduation, because what
January 02, 2017
Have a GoalHave you ever wonder a person that board a cab and was asked the exact place he was going and responded that he doesn’t know?That is how an average guy lives every day and wonder if the high achiever has a golden gene.“It’s because you never get to the future you never have in mind”Looking at the picture of that person that board a cab, even if the driver actually stop at a place he won’t know because he does not have a compass in the first instance, whi
December 21, 2016
Action Takers are High flyersWell you can dream and have all the goals on this earth, if you don’t take every necessary action to actualize it, it will remain a goal forever. Its action that drive your goals and gives it an expression.Some people will tell you that, what if I fail? Yes. The feeling of failure is not good but how do you expect to succeed without failure? Because it’s the sweat of success, if you avoid failure you indirectly avoid success.High flyers are action taker
Your Thought Determines Your FutureBe positive always. Think Success, not Failure. Remove blame and complaints from your dictionary.It will shock you to see how an average Joes think; they are completely passive and not active. Passive mean they allow life happens to them which is what the majority does.While the active take charge of their life, eliminate all blames and takes responsibilities for what their life will become. They simply create their future!This trait is one of the most importa
November 11, 2016
Hi everyone,Most of us had bad experience online before we joined WA. Trials and errors took so much time and energy... even frequent errors may lead to a great failure. This is true for most online marketers.We have less chance of winning the lottery than we have off,Getting hit by lightning.Being eaten by a shark...But now we have a great chance of becoming online entrepreneurs and make a living online when we join WA.This is not a lottery ticket. Absolutely we can make it.Because WA decrease
November 02, 2016
Hi WA member, Today, I'm in six weeks in WA and getting so proud what I had accomplish. Within 6 weeks, I have learn more than last two year when I first landed on online world. I come to know that life too shoot for jumping from one shinning object to the next. In fact, most of these shinning objects are mine field for newbies in online.After one month as Premium member, I will never buy another guru book, internet scams or high -ticket online success course again. It worth everything.I make
1. Have A Game PlanIt is crucially vital that you have an unmistakable vision. Take a seat and invest some energy with your mate going over your arrangement so you are both in agreement. This will encourage group collaboration among you. This will likewise permit your mate to feel as if they have a feeling of possession in your attempt. You will require the greater part of that bolster that you can get, so fill in as a group.2) Check Your AttitudeIt is critical that you watch your demeanor. An