Ranked on Page 1 of Google for TWO of my articles!

Last Update: December 18, 2013

OK, I'm not sure if I'm dreaming or hallucinating (those could be the same), but on a whim today I decided to see if my new niche site was showing up in Google's index yet.

Keep in mind, I just registered the new domain and built this site on Saturday 12/14. I didn't post the first two articles until Sunday 12/15. That's only 3 days ago!

So today, I Google'd the quoted keyword phrases I targeted for each article, and here are the results:

  • Article #1 -- Google displays ONE page of results with 9 different links, and EVERY SINGLE ONE of them is a page or post on my site! (this particular keyword gets 100 searches a month with competition of 9 according to WA tool)
  • Article #2 -- Google displays 126,000 results, and my article is #8 on page ONE! (this one gets 128 searches with competition of 12)

I'd say this is a great start with some of the low hanging fruit I identified!

I realize I'm not going to get a lot of traffic from this yet or make any money right away. It does, however, solidify in my mind that what I'm learning at WA absolutely works, and it works FAST! Not to mention, it motivates the HELL out of me to write more content!

If I could just find the lesson that teaches how to make money this fast! C'mon Kyle -- where did you hide it?? :)

I'm sure many of you are curious to know what my new site is, and I apologize for not sharing it yet. I want to get a couple more pages built out, and post at least 2 or 3 more articles before I do the big reveal. I promise, it's coming soon!

Now, I'm off to find my wife so she can pinch me.

To Our Success!

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parkwriter Premium
Great news! Glad to hear it's the same even in anonymous mode. That's a wonderful accomplishment.
BasseBlues Premium
I don't want to spoil your fun, but did you search in anonymous mode? If not you might get a different result. Labman made post about that: http://goo.gl/OerDuQ

The get rich quick you can find here: http://getautocommissions.com/go.php
MaudMan Premium
Good point! I just tried it from another computer that has never browsed to my new site. I used an "incognito" window in Chrome and got the same results. WooHoo!
Karyskis Premium
This is awesome. :) Keep up the great work.
Blessings44 Premium
That is wonderful news, Dave! It makes all the hard work worth it. I found one of my pots ranked # 6 on Page 3 in Google yesterday and nearly went through the roof! You'd think I'd won the lotto. I'm sure your wife gave you a big hug, cause that's what I got from my husband! Good luck on the road forward.

Internetgranny Premium
Congratulations!!! That's such great news.

Sorry, can't help with the lesson that teaches how to make money this fast. Must be well-hidden.... there's lots of us looking for it :-) :-)
MaudMan Premium
I think that secret lesson is hidden right in front of our noses, if you know what I mean Isabella! :) In other words, just keeping following the process step-by-step, and the money will come.