Why $100 From Your Blog Feels Better Than $1000 Salary Raise?

Last Update: June 07, 2019

As I told you in my previous post, I've started to get about $10 per day from Google AdSense. Last month I earned about $100 with them.

And now I just wonder - why does it feel better to earn $100 per month from my blog than it would be if I were given a $1000 salary raise?

I remember other times in the past, when I'd got a raise. I was happy about it, maybe for a week. And then would forget about it.

With this blogging mini-income, I'm excited to check my stats every day (actually, it might be better to stop doing it).

Is it because this all tiny business is 100% my own creation?

Is it because it's like my baby, that grows and develops and I have no idea how it will look 3 years from now?

Is it because of hope it gives for some good surprises in the future?

What do you think?



Today I made my way to Top200. Frankly, I don't feel like I belong this high. Many many other members contribute more than me to this community.

Thank you anyway!

I love WA!

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Steveestrada Premium
Thats awesome thanks for sharing
MaryFRM Premium
Thank you
BrendaMZ Premium
Nonetheless, you’re contributing somehow that that should account for something. Keep going it should get better from here on.
MaryFRM Premium
Thank you, Brenda
AffMktgRt Premium
Congrats Mary,

On both achievements.

I know well the feeling, crappy me Rank 64 at WA? I do not fit the rank or role but active engagement here adds up.

The feeling we have about being non-deserving can serve as testimonial as to:

"If I can reach Rank 100/200 at WA, anyone can!".

MaryFRM Premium
Yes, exactly - crappy me LOL!
Anyone who types enough words in can.
I don't really care about the rank.
AffMktgRt Premium

I do agree, rank is but a temporary number assigned to a snapshot or clip in a long running movie.

That reminds me of the following ol' proverb:

"In a riverbed, the water may or may not flow, but the stones in it will endure."

So instead of depending on the flow/lack thereof we better build a solid "knowledge industry" foundation which will never fade away.

PeteWeaver Premium
Oh, I know this, I know this!

It's because you now know that you can make money online. Even if it is only $1.

Once you start making a little tiny bit of money online gives you all that more confidence that it is possible to make money online.

All you have to do now, is to put some zeros on it.

Congratulations Mary on breaking into the top 200s

Pete Weaver
MaryFRM Premium
Thank you, Pete!
I doubt I'll stay at the top, especially when I'm planning a week vacation.
I don't really care for the number.
heljam404A Premium
Congratulations Mary way to go!