My post was stolen, WITH my affiliate links LOL

Last Update: June 10, 2019

Saga continued...

The scam I have reviewed was shut down.

To get the traffic of panicking customers, I wrote another post about the shut down. It was immediately ranked #1.

My total page views for yesterday were about 9.5K.

Today, one nice reader reported that my new post was stolen AS IS.

I checked that website - they copied everything - the image, the text and my INTERNAL and AFFILIATE links as well.

I filed the DMCA against them, but now I'm thinking - should I even bother?

What would you do?

Anyway, I don't believe my traffic boost will persist more than couple of weeks from now.

People will accept the idea that their money is gone and move one.

This keyword is on its way to the graveyard...


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OSegun Premium
Hi Mary.
I applaud you to have such a success on your post.
Too bad that the post got stolen. But I think you should report and follow, not necessarily about the already stolen one, but to deter any future occurrence. If they get away with this, there is likelihood of them coming back again.
All the best.
Elijah1916 Premium
Well, at least a visitor is guaranteed.
alfredg1948 Premium
I would contact Support and see what they recommend.
Pedrone Premium
if they copied everything and even your affiliate Links ..well it's good for you! is n it?
this's what we say when my post/blog gone Viral!
that's what I believe and think of it.
Swangirl Premium
I feel like saying "Congratulations on such a massive success" and "oh I'm so sorry, that stinks" all at the same time.

You are certainly writing great content to get so many views, go straight to No. 1 and have someone stealing your stuff.

I know how you feel however. I had a post stolen like that last year. I reported it to Google and it was taken down.

I do think it is worth it to file the form. If you don't then you are just telling the thief they can get away with it and they may just do it over and over in the future. Better to shut them down now!

The site that stole my post looked like it was populated with tons of stolen posts. If no one stopped them they would probably get away with it for some time.

Don't let someone steal your hard work!

I don't know about the longevity of the post since I don't do MMO but it can't hurt to have a post on your site with a ton of traffic even for a short while. No sense losing out on any future traffic either. Who knows what the future may bring. Maybe they get sued and the topic comes up again and people start searching for it...or some other outcome that makes it relevant again.

Congratulations on doing such an awesome job! You are inspiring Mary.

MaryFRM Premium
Thank you, Jessica
I remember your post about stolen post
I'm trying DMCA
rubanzema Premium Plus
You have to report the case. Nobody has the right to steal your posts.

We all have to fight such behaviors.
MaryFRM Premium
Reporting to Google DMCA